Roxanne Pallett quits Minster FM while CBB celebrate ratings boost

Roxanne Pallett quits local radio role.

“As a result of discussions today with her representatives, Minster FM can confirm that Roxanne Pallett has stepped down from her position at the station with immediate effect to take some time out and reflect on recent events. Roxanne will not be returning to Minster FM.” – station statement

Earlier this year Pallett joined Minster FM’s breakfast show as co-host for its weekday early morning offering. She joined the network which broadcasts from York across North Yorkshire.

Station boss Bridget Davies said the broadcaster had been ‘unable to communicate’ any information regarding Roxanne earlier due to the company and executives not being able to get hold of the ex-Emmerdale actress. Davies went on to thank listeners for their patience noting she had found it difficult not to be able to release any statement sooner.

“As you know, Roxanne was inside the Big Brother house and was uncontactable until today and because we’ve been unable to speak to her today, we haven’t been able to issue a statement. However, following a meeting this morning, we can confirm Roxanne will not be returning to Minster FM” – Bridget Davies, Minster FM MD

Davies concluded her statement by hoping that Roxanne’s period of ‘taking time out’ went well for her and she ‘gets the help and support she needs’.

Pallett joined Minster FM at the beginning of this year after becoming bored of acting. She told the press at the time she had become ‘unfulfilled and undervalued as an actress’.

She has been under fire in the past week after accusing Celebrity Big Brother co-star Ryan Thomas of launching a punch attack on her after he had lightly jabbed around her in a playful manner. The incident has illuminated social media with much anger directed towards Pallett for misrepresenting Thomas’s actions – something which could have, had the reality not been captured on camera, been very damaging for him – and Big Brother bosses for pandering to her by issuing Ryan with a formal warning.

Since the scenes, endless names have come out to share their previous encounters and distaste for Pallett. These range from a host of well-known faces and onetime colleagues to a former classmate who has accused her of bullying. Pallett voluntarily left the Big Brother house on Friday after hearing chants of ‘get Roxanne out’ during Ben Jardine’s eviction.

She has since appeared on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine and a live Big Brother show to be questioned about her inexcusable actions, claiming that she is sorry for getting it wrong. However, many viewers have not been fooled by her ‘apologetic’ TV appearances, noting that she is sorry for the wrong reasons and didn’t get anything wrong – she deliberately lied.

Ryan’s mother Gail Waring appeared on ITV’s This Morning earlier today to discuss the fiasco.

“It [Roxanne’s apology] was a relief for me, but I think she needs to apologise to Ryan personally. I feel like she’s getting a lot of airtime and I would like Ryan to be able to use his voice… I don’t think I’ll ever forgive her. I just want Ryan to feel good in his own mind, his state of mind. That will help me forgive Roxy more, if when he gets over it and he can be normal again. It’s how she apologises to him.” – Gail Waring

Ryan’s mother went on to note she was unable to watch CBB after her son broke down in tears over the accusations. She added seeing the former Coronation Street actor distressed had upset and hurt her. 

Endemol note that over the past week the show has seen a +35% increase in viewers and continues to be Channel 5’s highest rating show of the year. The edition which aired on Monday (3rd) achieved its highest overnight audience since the launch programme with 1.66 million tuning in. Conversely, the number of complaints to television regulator Ofcom stands at over 25,300.

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