Former Channel 5 personality Matthew Wright has finally lifted the lid on the reasons behind his departure from his long running show The Wright Stuff.

Matthew Wright on the re-launched ITN version of the show.

“It was a combination of lots of things really. Channel 5 decided to move it to a different production company to freshen it up. Not long after that decision, a good friend of mine decided to kill himself which was very sad. My wife and I, quite well known, we’d had long running IVF. Eight years of IVF, no joy. So personally things were pretty stressed and strained. Got to Christmas, all my colleagues I’d worked with the best part of 18 years, nearly all of them were made redundant, I found that really difficult, and then I started a new production with a new team, and suddenly overnight it just stopped being fun anymore, and I’d always told myself, if it stops being fun, get out.”

Wright spoke of the departure during an exclusive interview with Eamonn and Ruth on ITV’s This Morning earlier today. Matthew also revealed how Eamonn had provided words of encouragement in the aftermath of his decision to leave:

“One of the first people to get in touch with me when I announced it – Eamonn. You sent me some tweets which I’ve kept. You said ‘best decision you’ll ever make, whole new life out there, go and get it.”

Matthew Wright on the Princess Productions era of the show.

“I’ve had three months off already. I’ve had a wonderful time with Mrs Wright, Amelia. I’ve had six weeks in the Caribbean. I found, and different things work for different people, when I feel really stressed and mental health situations arise, that apart from changing and getting away from the source of your grief, that for me isolating myself really works. Not for everybody, but for me it does. From Amelia, from social media, from telephones and I just go off on my own, reconnect with nature. I love all of that – Building stuff, fixing stuff, fishing, wildlife, walking with sharks. You start thinking ‘yeah, I’m alive’.”

Matthew admitted he hadn’t watched any of the Jeremy Vine Show, which replaced The Wright Stuff on Monday (3rd Sept) noting he was looking forward, not back. Earlier this week it was announced Wright is returning to broadcasting, hosting an afternoon show on talkRADIO, to which he revealed he was feeling reinvigorated after his time away.

“For the best part of a year, my head had been going around like that and that’s not a healthy situation to be in. Just to take a step out, re-gather, reconnect, find your enthusiasm again. I’ve come back and I’m raring to go.”

This Morning airs weekdays from 10.30am on ITV, STV and UTV.

Jeremy Vine has taken over the Wright Stuff slot, including the set, the theme tune and titles…
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