Matthew Wright would have been ‘firmer’ with ‘vile and unfair’ Roxanne Pallett

Matthew Wright says he may have been more firm with Roxanne Pallett than his replacement Jeremy Vine was.

“I might have been a little bit firmer with her I think, but I thought Emma Willis did a really good interview on Celebrity Big Brother as well.” – Matthew Wright

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning in the wake of the Celebrity Big Brother controversy with Pallett and false accusations against Ryan Thomas, Wright felt The Wright Stuff replacement, simply entitled Jeremy Vine, wasn’t as tough on the ex-Emmerdale actress as it could have been. However he believes Channel 5 redeemed themselves with the CBB interview with Pallett conducted by Emma Willis.

Too Soft, the Jeremy Vine interview was not tough enough.

He then went on to ponder the fact that now Pallett has been ‘caught’ and shown up, its time to move on and let her recover, not continue to call her out, as that in itself could become hounding.

Big Brother fans had accused the Vine show of being too soft on Pallett, allowing her to reel off a ‘scripted’ apology to save her career. Some noting she was only sorry she was caught, not for the accusations against former Corrie actor Ryan Thomas, after Channel 5 cameras captured the incident.

“The same time, for everything that she did that was vile and unfair towards Ryan, it’s very interesting that the people that go out and say ‘you’re a bully or ‘you’re cruel,’ they don’t realise that by the time they’ve run Roxanne through the ringer, that they themselves have become bullies and cruel. At the moment I feel very much for Ryan, but I also feel for Roxanne, because even though she might have made mistakes and even though she’s done it before, nobody deserves that everyday.”

CBB continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm where either Haredeep or Sally will be evicted from the Big Brother House. This Morning returns on Monday at 10.30am on ITV, STV and UTV.

Emma Willis gave Pallett a tougher time on-screen.
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