Len Goodman ‘liked’ his SCD ‘clashes’ with Brendan Cole

Len Goodman has been talking Strictly, its stateside version and those clashes with Brendan Cole.

Len promotes ‘scam awareness’ for bank Santander earlier this year.

Former Strictly Come Dancing head judge Len Goodman gave his thoughts on leaving the show, his replacement Shirley Ballas, and Brendan Cole’s departure, when he joined Lorraine Kelly live in the ITV studio this morning. Insisting he had no regrets a year on from his departure, Len told Lorraine,

“It’s a bit like having a girlfriend and you part. It’s quite amicable and everything, it’s fine. Then suddenly, you see the ex-girlfriend with another geezer and you think, ‘Oh no, that what was my girl.’ But listen, whatever you do at the time is the right decision and I’m sure I made the right decision. I did twelve years of it, it was fantastic, thank you Strictly for everything.”

On the success of his replacement Shirley Ballas, Len declared:

“I must say I think Shirley has stepped in and done a terrific job. She’s stayed herself, her own person. My philosophy all the time I was on it – be yourself and be honest. And if you do that, that’s what you’ve got to do. She didn’t try to be me, or anything like that. It must have been tricky stepping in.”

Shirley Ballas took on Len’s role as Head Judge.

Discussing Brendan Cole’s exit from the show, Len pondered,

“I liked the fact that we clashed. If you’re not careful the judges come over like bullies picking on people that can’t defend themselves. The celebrities are a bit nervous. So you need someone, it’s nice when the pro says, ‘Hold on, I don’t think that’s quite right.’ And gives you a bit back. It all adds to the banter of the thing. Me and Brendan had a few fall outs but we were still good chums. I think Strictly would have been better with him than without him.”

On his continuing role on the stateside version of SCD entitled Dancing with the Stars, Len revealed:

“On Strictly your contract is annual. You can go they can get rid of you. In America it was a different kettle of fish. I did four, I had to do four. Coming up is the last one. So…it’s difficult not to do it because it’s nice to go out to LA in the Summer. My wife comes out and my son, I don’t know. My son and his wife Sophie, they’re having a new baby. I love grandchildren. I don’t know why we worry about having kids, we should somehow go straight to the grandchildren.”

Since quitting Strictly Come Dancing Len has been part of a number of programmes, including his own BBC game show Partners In Rhyme.

After Strictly, Len got lyrical with Partners In Rhyme for the beeb.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 8.30am on ITV.
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