John Barrowman voices character for Fireman Sam

Actor John Barrowman heads to Pontypandy.

“For a long time, I have always wanted to do a voice for an animated character and having been involved with some great British iconic TV shows, it’s great to be involved with Fireman Sam. Thirty years it’s been around, everybody knows who Fireman Sam is, so to be part of Pontypandy is just amazing. We’ve all grown up with these characters and as an actor, as somebody who loves what they do, to be the voice of something that is going to be there for a long, long time, so in another thirty years, I will always be Flex Dexter, which is kind of awesome to think that, so my voice will live on for generations and generations in the land of Fireman Sam, Pontypandy. I will be there for a long time!” – John Barrowman

Grab your popcorn and get set for movie mayhem and mishaps aplenty as Hollywood comes to Pontypandy in Fireman Sam’s all-new action-packed adventure, Fireman Sam: Set for Action, airing on Cartoonito later this month.

After a video of one of his daring rescues goes viral, Fireman Sam is scouted by Hollywood director Don Sledgehammer to be the star of his latest movie. While Sam is hesitant to take the role, his co-star, Hollywood actor Flex Dexter, is determined to get the lead part and will stop at nothing to get it.

“When you voice a character for something like animation, you have to imagine what they look like and also you become very physical. I find it very helpful to be a little OTT with him, but it was also good to sometimes bring it down. My arms were flapping around all over the place. Flex Dexter wasn’t just ‘flexin’, he was ‘flappin’,” – John Barrowman

As more and more ‘accidents’ happen on set, Sam is held responsible and fired from both the movie and the Fire Service. It is now down to Sarah, James and Mandy to discover who is really behind all the accidents.

Combining the excitement and glamour of the Hollywood film industry with all the action and heroic rescues that fans know and love from the TV series, the 60-minute CG-animated special guest stars Scottish-American actor John Barrowman, MBE, who voices the new character, the charming yet sneaky movie star, Flex Dexter.

“My character Flex Dexter is a former Hollywood A-lister, who hasn’t had a hit in a long time and he’s been asked to be involved in Fireman Sam’s movie, but he doesn’t realise that he has been asked to be the co-star and not the star. So being very Hollywood, Flex Dexter decides to cause a bit of mayhem, make some things go wrong, and put people into a bit of danger because he’s not a very nice guy, although he has a really good smile!” – John Barrowman

Fireman Sam: Set for Action, Cartoonito, Monday 22nd October at 8.00am, Sky 619 Virgin 706 BT 488.

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