The week of Primetime shows include an exclusive UK commission, ‘Cult, Taboos and Twisted Faith UK’.

CRIME+INVESTIGATION is set to show viewers the darker side of religious faith with a special week of primetime programming, Twisted Faith. The seven-day block will feature shows focusing on cults and twisted faith in the UK and around the world. The lineup includes a one-off UK documentary that reveals British ‘survivor’ stories Cults, Taboos and Twisted Faith UK,  No Greater Law, which explores an American faith healing church known as the Followers of Christ and new episodes of the original investigative series Cults and Extreme Belief featuring award-winning journalist Elizabeth Vargas.

Programmes in the run include;

Cults, Taboos and Twisted Faith UK – 9pm, Monday 19th November

This one-off special brings together British cult survivors, victims and family members, some of whom are talking for the first time about the trauma of indoctrination and escape from cults and fringe groups and how it’s impacted their lives. The special steps inside the dark and sinister world of cults and manipulative groups, where ‘abuse of power’ and the ‘desire to belong’ dangerously collide. Contributors include survivors born or recruited into a cult or sect and experts, as well as the partner of one tragic victim of a British-based cult.

No Greater Law – 10pm, Monday 19th November

From A&E Indie Films, No Greater Law explores Idaho’s Treasure Valley, a pastoral and devout corner of what was once America’s western frontier, where worldly and fundamentalist ideas of faith clash. In a domain where church and state lines blur, child fatalities linked to faith healing and medical neglect occur largely without scrutiny. Parents who refuse medical care for their children in the name of God are immune from prosecution, and religious freedom is elevated above all else.  But now, the local sheriff’s office has teamed up with federal lawmakers to confront an issue they say puts children at risk.  What started as a small-town struggle has turned into a battle for America’s soul.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: The Jehovah’s Witnesses – 7pm, Sunday 18th November

On the heels of the Emmy Award-winning series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, this new special features Leah Remini and Mike Rinder as they shine a light on the Jehovah’s Witnesses, giving voice to former members who share their stories of trauma and survival.

Escaping Polygamy Series Three – 6pm & 7pm, Weeknights from Monday 19th November

The show begins more than 10 years after four sisters escape from “the Order,” a secretive polygamous cult in Salt Lake City. Now Andrea, Jessica, Shannell, and Kollene devote their lives to helping other young men, women, and children break free from polygamous groups and adjust to life on the outside. In Season 3, the women continue their dangerous mission, with Jessica even taking a public and political stance against polygamy in a controversial hearing before Utah’s legislature.

Cults and Extreme Belief  – 9pm, Sunday 18 November. 8pm, Monday 19 November. 8pm & 9pm, 20 to 22 November. 9pm, 23 November

Featuring Emmy® Award-winning journalist Elizabeth Vargas, who has traveled the world reporting in-depth investigations and conducting newsmaker interviews. Now, in this explosive series, she lifts the lid on life inside some of the world’s most controversial organizations, exposing their manipulative tactics and destructive belief systems. From the self-help group NXIVM and the Twelve Tribes to the United Nation of Islam each episode takes an immersive look at one group through the eyes of past devotees and gets perspective from believers and leaders who are still inside.

The Twisted Faith season begins on the 18th of November, the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre, which left 918 men, women, and children dead.

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