Show Me What You’re Made of UK is back for a brand new series later this month.

Stacey Dooley.

In this run of episodes, Stacey Dooley takes five spoilt kids – Jacob, Naomi, Felix, Mya and Emily – on a whistle-stop working tour of some of the key industries that this country relies on. They kick off at a massive theme park and zoo where they quickly discover that hard work goes on well after the visitors have gone home.

Next they head to a huge photo processing factory near Liverpool to try and snap up some work. Our five kids are addicted to taking selfies but how will they cope with this meticulous and precise work where one slip can ruin customers’ cherished memories?

Then the five kids travel to Wales to work in a bee and honey farm – not a great job if you don’t like creepy crawlies! Dressed head to toe in beekeeper suits, our five have to keep millions of bees calm so that they don’t swarm in order to harvest their honey bounty?

The five kids continue their working tour of the UK heading to Hull to an enormous gourmet sausage factory where millions of the nation’s poshest bangers are made. Will the kids impress sausage supremo Wilfred who insists on the highest standards?

On the last leg of their working tour round Britain, Stacey Dooley takes the five kids to train at the Elizabeth Line Depot in London, joining the team there as they try to clean up in the tough final assignment.

After our five kids have finished their working tour, what happens when they return to their families and reflect on their journey over the five episodes? Will the trip have changed anything about their attitudes and behaviour?

The five episode series starts on CBBC on Monday 19th November at 3:30pm and will air daily with the final episode airing on Friday 23rd November.

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