Detectives: My Killer Case for UKTV

UKTV commissions first true crime series for Really.

“We’re incredibly excited to be working with Midnight Oil Pictures on our first true-crime series. The deeply personal testimony of these Detectives, recounting some of the most pivotal cases of their careers will be really affecting. The familiarity of the cases will resonate with us, but the intricate detail, surprising twists and turns, and acute pressure to solve them under the watchful glare of the media, will offer compelling insight into what it really takes to lead a case, solve murder, and protect the public.” – Natalie Rose, commissioning executive, UKTV

UKTV has commissioned its first true crime series for its free-to-air channel Really. The UKTV Original, Detectives: My Killer Case will take viewers to the heart of some of Britain’s most notorious cases over its six episodes set to air in hour-long slots on the channel.

The series will follow detectives as they reflect on some of their most memorable cases. From identifying one of Britain’s most notorious female psychopath serial killers through to the Suffolk Strangler, Detectives: My Killer Case will take viewers on a journey of discovery through police footage and expert evidence.

The series joins the earlier announced The Killer in My Family which is set to premiere on the broadcaster’s Really channel in January 2019.

The six-part series, scheduled for 45-minute slots, explores an alternative approach however and tells the story from the perspective of the murderer’s family, including the impact it had on them. The show raises questions such as; Were there any early signs of the killer’s intentions? Did they have any idea of the horror that lay ahead? How did they feel when they discovered the terrifying truth?

Episodes feature candid and heartfelt interviews with family members and ex-partners of notorious murderers such as Ian Huntley, Fred West, Richard Ramirez, Phillip Fraser, Levi Bellfield and those involved in the honour killing of Surjit Athwal. Each story includes news coverage, personal archive information, testimonies from police officers and journalists involved in the case, and psychological analysis from experts exploring how the family dealt with the trauma.

Detectives: My Killer Case will be produced for UKTV by Midnight Oil Pictures

“We are thrilled to be working with UKTV on this exciting new true crime series, where detectives share first hand accounts of the detailed work that goes on behind the scenes to solve murder in the UK.” – Gillane Seaborne, CEO and executive producer for Midnight Oil Pictures

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