Volume 7 of the Australian police drama Cop Shop has just been released in the UK and its action all the way down at Riverside Police Station.

There’s heartache for Pamela Taylor (Rowena Wallace) following the death of her father, and the shocks keep coming when her husband Glen (George Mallaby) decides to quit the police force in order to save his marriage.

The new top dog at Riverside is to be Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Cameron, played by Terence Donovan of Neighbours and Division 4 fame. It soon becomes apparent that Vic has given up on both life and the police force, he certainly gets off on the wrong foot with his new work colleagues but there is more to this complicated man than initially meets the eye. It looks as if Vic’s prospects could be on the up when he meets headmistress Susan Maynard (played by Kerri Eichorn from The Young Doctors), but when a pervert begins sending filthy letters to the young girls under her care Detective Danni Francis (Paula Duncan) goes undercover to try and catch the offender.

Vic’s sister Liz, who is played by Liz Burch from The Flying Doctors, works at the local Citizens Advice Bureau, and as soon as Constable Roy Baker (Gil Tucker) meets her its love at first sight. Unfortunately Baker will end up in hospital after being bashed when a group of teenagers take up the cause of an apprentice panel beater who has been unfairly sacked.

Left: Glen and Pamela Taylor (George Mallaby and Rowena Wallace) pack their bags and leave Riverside. Right: Vic Cameron (Terence Donovan) takes charge at Riverside Police Station.

Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) finally comes to terms with the fact that Alison Finley (Diane Craig) had a lesbian relationship and they announce their engagement. Unfortunately Alison’s violent ex-husband is determined to ensure that they will never make it down the aisle, and when she’s killed Mike wants vengeance.  He then puts his own life in danger when he decides to crack the dirtiest racketeer in Riverside who is running a menacing stand-over insurance scam.

Meanwhile, Senior Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) is thrilled when his paraplegic daughter Claire (Louise Philip) gives birth to a healthy baby girl, but Claire becomes increasingly possessive of the baby and finds it hard to adapt to motherhood. This trouble on the home front sends Eric’s blood pressure sky high but he seems to be growing increasingly fond of Lorna Close (Moya O’Sullivan) and the feeling is mutual.

Left: Constable Roy Baker (Gil Tucker) is bashed when a demonstration gets out of hand. Right: Vincent Ball from Crossroads guest stars in Cop Shop Volume 7 as an underworld type called David Hammond.

A womanising trade union boss is almost murdered by a maniac driving a forklift truck but the police begin to doubt his story when they learn that he’s undergoing psychiatric treatment for acute paranoia. An overworked probation officer is being harassed by one of the drop-kicks that she’s been trying to help, and a hapless bag snatcher has been targeting little old ladies. When a man is released from prison after an eight year stretch for armed robbery he goes berserk with a shotgun after discovering that his brother has been knocking off his wife.

Elsewhere an escapee from a prison farm is determined to murder the cop that put him away, that cop is Mike Georgiou.  A lunatic has been running around the local park in the nude, and a major win on the pools results in one man ending up dead and another being brutally bashed. Two law students find themselves in the frame for a series of society robberies, and the police investigate a fake driving licence racket which targets gullible migrants.

The action continues when the West Riverside Federal Bank is held-up by a bikie with inside knowledge, and when a career soldier goes AWOL he returns home to find that his wife has been carrying on with another man, this discovery will send him off the deep end. A young boy is kidnapped and held hostage by a shady underworld figure who is after the missing proceeds from a bank heist, and a crusading politician claims that the police force are involved in a major drug racket but it turns out that he has skeletons in his own closet with family members who are involved in illegal gambling, prostitution and dope.

Lots of familiar faces make guest appearances in this DVD box set including Vincent Ball from Crossroads; Leila Hayes from Sons and Daughters; Cornelia Frances from The Young Doctors; Shane Porteous and Brian Wenzel from A Country Practice; Bunney Brooke from Number 96; Gerard Kennedy from Division 4; Maurie Fields and Terry Gill from The Flying Doctors; Vic Gordon from Matlock Police; Ian Smith, Stefan Dennis and Darius Perkins from Neighbours; Rod Mullinar from Ryan; Briony Behets from The Box; and Kerry Armstrong, Tommy Dysart, Betty Bobbitt and Judith McGrath from Prisoner: Cell Block H. Other familiar faces cropping up during the police investigations include John Wood, Adrian Wright, Brandon Burke, Chris Haywood, and Colleen Hewett.

Tragedy is lurking in the wings for Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) and Alison Finley (Diane Craig).

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