The Henderson Kids established a loyal following in the UK when it was shown by Channel 4 so fans of the programme will be pleased to know that the complete series has just been re-issued on DVD.

Every episode of The Henderson Kids is on DVD.

We meet 15 year old Steve Henderson (Paul Smith) and his 13 year old sister Tamara (Nadine Garner) whose lives in the big city come crashing down when their divorced mother is killed by a truck driver. Their estranged father Wal (Michael Aitkens) is nowhere to be found so they have no choice but to move to the sleepy seaside town of Haven Bay to live with their Uncle Mike (Nicholas Eadie) who is the town cop. Mike has no experience of dealing with teenagers and as Steve and Tamara have never experienced life in a rural community it looks like they all have a rocky road to travel.

Once settled in their new home Steve and Tam fall foul of local gang leader Cowboy (Mark Hennessy) and his cohorts Char (Kylie Minogue), Ted (Ben Mendelsohn), and Brains (Bradley Kilpatrick). Matters are made worse when Tamara falls for Cowboy and Char makes it clear that he most certainly is not available!

Paul Smith and Nadine Garner as Steve and Tamara Henderson. Nadine went on to star in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, and Paul later became a greyhound trainer.

But these foes will find themselves united by a common enemy, a crooked local businessman called Wheeler (Peter Whitford) who will stop at nothing to secure ownership of Henderson’s Point, a culturally significant piece of land which Steve and Tam have inherited. Things take another unexpected turn when Steve becomes romantically interested in Wheeler’s daughter Sylvia (played by Annie Jones from Neighbours and Newlyweds).

In the second and final series of The Henderson Kids, Steve and Tamara are shocked when their estranged father Wal comes back onto the scene and they move to the bayside suburb of Westport to live with him. This serene town has an ugly underbelly with shady characters lurking in the shadows and Steve and Tam have to deal with a tough BMX gang called the Brown Street Boys who are headed by a local hoon called Vinnie (Alex Papps). Romance is soon on the cards again when Vinnie begins pursuing Tam in the romance stakes, and when Steve falls for a Vietnamese girl called Ahn (Khym Lam) the cultural differences between the two mean that this budding relationship is doomed from the outset.

Local hoon Vinnie (Alex Papps) begins courting Tam (Nadine Garner). Alex later appeared in Home & Away and The Flying Doctors.

True to form Wal does the dirty on his children by shooting through under very mysterious circumstances. Steve has no choice but to leave school and get a job to try and support himself and his sister and they vow to keep their fathers disappearance a secret in order to avoid being split up. Unfortunately they find it impossible to make ends meet and with mounting debts Tam takes drastic action which results in her being sent to a remand centre for stealing food.

When their friends learn of the trouble they are in they soon come to the rescue, and their next door neighbour Helen (Louise Howitt) does her best to help straighten them out. Just as they thought they were getting their lives back on track Steve and Tam will find themselves in the middle of an illegal bird smuggling racket and they begin to wonder if their father has anything to do with this sickening enterprise.

Kylie Monogue in The Henderson Kids with Reg Gorman (from The Sullivans) as her screen father. Kylie would hit the big time with Neighbours and became a chart topping pop singer.

Bonus features on this DVD collection include a goof reel of outtakes from the show, and familiar faces cropping up in the action include Antoinette Byron from Home & Away; Norman Yemm, Peter Harvey-Wright, and Nick Waters from The Sullivans; Jane Hall from All Together Now;

Ross Thompson, Mary Ward, and Tottie Goldsmith from The Young Doctors; Joanne Moore and Gregory Ross from Cop Shop; Charlene Fenn, Peter O’Brien, and Stefan Dennis from Neighbours; and Terry Gill from The Flying Doctors.

The Henderson Kids and a wealth of other Australian television classics can be ordered exclusively from Eaton Films in the UK. Those of you in Australasia can place your orders with Crawford DVD.

Fans located anywhere else in the world should email Eaton Films for shipping details.

Louise Howitt from Young Ramsay and The Young Doctors stars in The Henderson Kids.

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