Another batch of classic Australian radio serials from the Grace Gibson archives have just been released for your listening pleasure.

Left: Criminals are brought to justice in Philip Marlow Investigates (promo) Right: Reginald Goldsworthy from the television serial Autumn Affair stars in Philip Marlow Investigates.

In the 1953 serial Philip Marlow Investigates, we meet a super-sleuth who is as tough and as shrewd as the criminals he pursues. This cynical loner is played by Reginald Goldsworthy and downs copious quantities of black coffee and headache tablets as he tries to get to grips with baffling cases. More shady underworld types are brought to justice in volume 5 of Hunt The Man Down in which private investigator Dick Mallory (Frank Waters) continues to wage his relentless war against wrongdoers all over the globe.

If you prefer a romantic mystery then Unknown Quantity will be right up your street. Originally transmitted in 1956 the plot follows Sarah Travers, a former typist who married her wealthy employer.  When her husband is found dead in mysterious circumstances, Sarah is the prime suspect and her plight is made worse by a string of jealous gold diggers who come out of the woodwork to testify against her.

Gold digging women come out of the woodwork in Unknown Quantity.

There’s more vintage drama in The Man in the Mist which was adapted from the three novel saga by Elizabeth Goudge. This is the story of the self-centred and pompous men of the Eliot family and the women they married – the entire clan is ruled over by the domineering matriarch Lady Eliot (Neva Carr-Glyn). We meet Nadine (Vivienne Lincoln) who married the much older George Eliot (Ronald Morse), a miser who spends his time drinking at his club where he wallows in his long-gone glory days as a colonel in the British Indian Army. In order to escape her unhappy marriage, Nadine resorts to running an antique shop on the King’s Road and falls for the charms of David Eliot (Max Meldrum) who was an orphan taken in by the family.

In contrast, we have the happily married Anne (Lyndall Barbour) who tied the knot with stockbroker Harry Eliot (John Unicomb). Anne’s first husband Carl (Owen Weingott) had supposedly been killed during the native uprisings in Africa but when he returns very much alive he expects a huge pay-out if she wants him to stay dead! Others in the cast include Sheila Sewell, Gordon Glenwright, Julianna Allan, and Leonard Teale.

Pompous men come to the fore in The Man in the Mist.

On a lighter note there are plenty of laughs to be had with the latest releases of the political satire How Green Was My Cactus, and fans of The Passing Parade will be pleased to know that 1000 episodes of this classic serial are now available. In the two latest releases, John Doremus explores the lives of historical figures such as Robin Hood, The Flying Dutchman, John Donne, Mary Queen of Scots, Ten Stone Tom, and John Horton Slaughter.

All of these classic Australian radio serials and a wealth of others are available to listeners worldwide either on CD or as digital downloads exclusively from the Grace Gibson Productions website.

1000 episodes of The Passing Parade are now available.

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