Other festive specials include Gogglesprogs, The Secret Life of 5 Year-Olds on Holiday and The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas.

In the World’s Most Extraordinary Christmas Dinners Channel 4 investigates the people who go that extra festive mile to make their annual Christmas Dinner something special.

For some people, Christmas dinner is more than just a meal. This brand new programme looks at some of the lengths people go to make their Christmas days exceptional, from the astronaut who’ll be in space on the big day to feeding a submarine crew under the sea.

They’ll also be an exclusive behind the scenes look at the clever network of suppliers who devise the most extraordinary experience, meals and decorations for their clients including mystical-inspired 15th-century feasts, diamond-embellished decorations and rare-breed black chickens. A one off special that is quite literally out of this world.

Other festive highlights announced by the broadcaster include First Dates Christmas Special. The First Dates Restaurant has been decked with boughs of holly (and plenty of mistletoe) ready for a festive party to remember. Fred Claus and his team of matchmaking elves welcome some very special singletons who have love on the top of their Christmas wish list. while it’s the festive season at Chester and keepers are giving gifts to everyone from meerkats to miniature monkeys in The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas. The festive edition sees the birth of Kyra, the UK’s first ever sun bear cub, but things take a dramatic turn when the rare bear gets stuck up a tree.

A life-long turf war between otters and babirusa yields a yuletide ceasefire. And vets have crushing news about golden-headed tamarind Pru, who faces one last Christmas with sisters Piper and Paige. Meanwhile, lovemaking is life or death, as plucky little spider Winston attempts to snag giant man-eater, Ruby. Birth, life and everything in between, all wrapped up in festive cheer.

Channel 4’s seasonal specials also include The Secret Life of 5 Year-Olds on Holiday that will see the children travel to Turkey for a holiday with a difference. The popular series that lifts the lid on the fascinating behaviour of four and five year-olds will be taking some familiar faces and big characters from previous shows, along with their parents and siblings, to Thomas Cook’s Sunwing Side Beach family resort. Sticking with the youngsters the broacaster will also be screening a Gogglesprogs special. The UK’s youngest TV critics are back for this special festive edition, giving their uninhibited opinions and hilarious take on some of our favourite TV and films. These chatterboxes share their comical and insightful opinions on everything from the Royal Wedding to the classic movie blockbuster ET. 

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