The Beeb have revealed the look for The Nine, BBC Scotland’s new nightly news programme.

Rebecca Curran and Martin Geissler will present The Nine to BBC Scotland viewers.

“The Nine aims to be a world class programme combining international, UK and Scottish news with the needs of a Scottish audience at the heart of everything we do. We hope to bring the audience the best of the BBC both from Scotland and around the globe, plus some exciting new on screen talent. We want to bring audiences stories they won’t find anywhere else. We are looking at fresh, creative and engaging ways of telling stories that matter to Scottish audiences.” – Hayley Valentine, Editor of The Nine

The first official pictures of The Nine set have been released, highlighting the look of the news hour which will launch on the new BBC Scotland channel in February 2019, bringing national and international news to audiences across Scotland. The programme follows defunct channel STV2’s attempt at such a new service with STV News Tonight which launched with Halla Mohieddeen as the lead host. The show ran for almost a year, however STV2 was axed due to low audiences and advertising revenue.

Halla Mohieddeen presented STV News Tonight live from Glasgow.

The Nine set has a similar, if not as classy, look to the STV2 news programme with balcony views and purple seating.

STV News Tonight, promoted itself as a landmark new service for Scotland, mixing together for the first time all the news coverage relevant to Scottish viewers along with the UK and international stories in a single weeknight programme. Something now the BBC’s second Scottish service, they already have BBC Alba (Scotland), aims to bring to screens with more success.

The flagship news programme The Nine will be at the heart of the schedules, broadcasting Monday-Friday between 9-10pm in addition to weekend bulletins. Rebecca and Martin will co-present Monday-Thursday while Laura Miller and John Beattie will present the news hour each Friday. Weekend coverage comprises a 15-minute bulletin on Saturday evenings at 7pm followed by a 45-minute review programme presented by Fiona Stalker and Nick Sheridan. On Sundays, the 15-minute 7.00pm bulletin will be presented by Lucy Whyte. The programme will have a distinct social media presence and audiences will be able to access the best of The Nine on digital platforms.

The Nine set is a permanent open-plan studio space on the third floor at BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay, Glasgow headquarters and the programme will be anchored by two of the country’s leading journalists, Rebecca Curran and Martin Geissler.

The demise of STV2 was part of a three-year growth strategy the broadcaster introduced in order to establish STV as ‘Scotland’s home of news and entertainment’. The new strategy saw changes to STV’s management, culture and organisation – delivered through three strategic objectives; maximing the value of STV’s broadcast business by delivering high quality, cost-effective news and entertainment, driving digital growth through the STV Player and making STV Productions into a world-class independent production company.

“It’s awfully nice the beeb can provide two BBC Scotland channels to the country, yet poor old Cumbria is still getting its Look North from Newcastle after 50 years, without a hint of an opt-out.” – TV Critic Vivian Summers.

Rebecca Curran and Martin Geissler are rehearsing for the big launch next year.

The show will broadcast live from BBC Scotland in Glasgow.
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