Dave gets under the bonnet of car ‘flippers’ with Lazy Boy Garage.

“We have a long history of brilliant motoring shows on Dave and this is no exception – the cars the Lazy Boy Garage team are finding are out of this world – or at least out of this country. We hope the Dave viewers enjoy following the team as they hustle to hunt down, restore and sell-on some brilliant cars.” – Dave channel director, Luke Hales

The UKTV Original, Lazy Boy Garage will air across ten episodes, to be transmitted in a half-hour slot on entertainment channel Dave.

The series, which is produced by October Films, follows three best friends into the world of international car ‘flipping’ – where cars are quickly resold for profit – at Roadhouse Motor Co. in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Dubbed ‘lazy boys’ because they don’t leave the garage, motoring journalists Jonny Smith and Tom ‘Wookie’ Ford, and garage owner Tim Glover, hunt down classic car wrecks from across the world to do up and sell for fortunes to international buyers. The team rely on social media and a network of international fixers to aid them in their hunt for valuable vehicles.

From Ford Cortinas preserved in the Spanish heat to Russian camper vans in Vladivostok, the Lazy Boy Garage will stop at nothing to discover the best hidden motors on the globe, but every buy carries a risk. Complicated logistics, unreliable car quality and unexpected costs leave the team nervously awaiting the arrival of their new buy as it’s shipped thousands of miles, wondering ‘Is it rust… or gold dust?’.

“My history of buying used cars is patchy at best, so I really wanted to commission this show to learn how to avoid making any more costly mistakes. Watching a vintage VW in a ball of flames on the hard shoulder of the M40 is a mistake you only want to make once and hopefully one that Dave viewers will never have to make!” – UKTV’s commissioning editor, Joe McVey

Lazy Boy Garage will air on Dave in February 2019 and will also be available on UKTV Play.

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