Murder documentary series for Philip Glenister

The four-part documentary series launches next month on Crime+Investigation.

Philip Glenister is well known for a host of dramas, including Mad Dogs for Sky.

Crime+Investigation channel next month launches a brand new true crime series which sheds new light on some of the most callous and violent crimes in recent years, by examining What The Killer Did Next.. – which is also the title of the programme, handy that.

Fronted by Life on Mars and Outcast star Philip Glenister, and supported by compelling testimonies from serious crime detectives, defence lawyers, expert criminologists and psychologists including Emma Kenny and Jane Monckton-Smith What The Killer Did Next…  provides a step change in true-crime storytelling by focusing on the behaviour of killers in the immediate aftermath of a murder to unpick their mind-set and understand their motive.

Each episode begins with a murder then aims to find the killer’s motive not by looking at what happened before the murder but by studying the killer’s behaviour after the heinous event. Featuring killers who, variously, go on holiday, renew a Football Season ticket, order a takeaway, or simply go back to work, the series explores the killer’s desire to normalise, to dissociate or, in some cases, revel in their crime, and what that tells us about their state-of-mind and psychological complexity

The first episode, on February 4th, looks at the demise of renowned children’s author Helen Bailey was reported missing by her fiancé Ian Stewart after she had not been seen for four days. There had been no sign of her or her beloved Dachshund Boris in hometown Royston, Hertfordshire or at their holiday home in Kent. As a missing persons investigation intensified, Ian carried on with life as normal, even going on a holiday that he and Helen had booked together, buying an Arsenal season ticket on Helen’s credit card, and increasing monthly bank transfers from Helen’s account to their joint account.

The police strongly suspected Ian, so arrested and questioned him, but still couldn’t find Helen’s body, which stalled the investigation. As they were coming to the end of their extensive search of Helen and Ian’s home, a neighbour asked if they had checked a cesspit in the garage. Soon police made the gruesome discovery of Helen’s body, and that of her faithful dog. Police bodycam footage of the first time Ian was arrested shows him twice asking his son whether the garage door is closed – a seemingly innocuous detail rendered chilling when his reasons for asking are revealed.

Other episodes look at the murder of mother of four Saima Khan who was stabbed to death in the hallway as she returned to her home late at night, Geoff Seggie who was stabbed 60 times by his son and the killing of hotelier Bei Carter who was murdered by a guest.

A second series is also in the pipeline the broadcaster notes.

What The Killer Did Next… begins on the 4th of February at 9pm on the Crime+Investigation channel.

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