Cop Shop fans will be pleased to know that volume 8 of the Australian police drama has just been made available in the UK.

Its action all the way in Cop Shop Volume 8.

In this instalment the law enforcers over at Riverside Police Station hunt a man who has been raping and bashing young girls, and when two alcoholic derelicts stumble upon a cache of stolen jewellery they end up being pursued down skid row by violent safe crackers who will bash every derro in sight until they get their loot back.

Senior Detective Jeff Johnson (Peter Adams) buys a stake in a champion race horse,  and social worker Liz Cameron (Liz Burch)  inflicts Constable Roy Baker (Gil Tucker) with a troublesome lodger in the form of an elderly musician called Albert Hartley (Vic Gordon) who proves to be overly fond of the grog. When an eleven year old delivery boy is sexually assaulted and murdered the horrific case brings back painful memories for Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Cameron (Terence Donovan). Vic believes that this pervert also molested and murdered another young boy, the son of a woman he once loved, and he vows to catch the perpetrator.

Vic Cameron (Terence Donovan) apprehends a sickening pervert.
Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) and Lorna Close (Moya O’Sullivan) finally tie the knot.

In happier news Senior Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) ties the knot with Lorna Close (Moya O’Sullivan), but when Eric’s health begins to deteriorate their future together looks grim. Valerie Johnson (Joanna Lockwood) begins delivering meals-on-wheels to local old aged pensioners but when she invites some of the old dears into her home a considerable sum of money is stolen.  Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he’s found in possession of marijuana, and Claire Benjamin (Louise Philip) experiences a new freedom when she test drives the latest motorised scooter chair for paraplegics.

Elsewhere a psychologically disturbed New Australian who survived the Hungarian Revolution goes berserk with a shotgun when he suspects that the secret police have found him. Over in West Riverside a mob of teenage yobbos go on the rampage vandalising everything in sight, a young woman with psychiatric problems turns out to be a baby basher, a stripper and a safe cracker unwillingly become embroiled in industrial espionage, and when Detective Danni Franis (Paula Duncan) investigates a tip-off alone she becomes the target of a drive by shooting.  There is more drama for Danni when her relationship with politician Phillip Hardy (Alfred Bell) hits the skids, and Vic Cameron also has problems in the romance stakes when things go bad between him and headmistress Susan Maynard (Kerri Eichorn) who decides to move to Western Australia.

Danni Francis (Paula Duncan) is targeted in a drive by shooting.
Headmistress Susan Maynard (Kerri Eichorn) learns that interfering prudes at her school disapprove of her seeing Vic Cameron.

The manager of a massage parlour has been marrying off prostitutes to illegal Chinese immigrants, and two Vietnam veterans cook up a hit and run blackmail scam.  One of the most hated men in the rag trade is gunned down by a masked assailant, and a ruthless conman posing as a tax inspector begins fleecing vulnerable elderly pensioners of their life savings. Over at a construction firm it appears that everyone in the payroll office is on the fiddle with a ghost pay racket and a bigamist being forced into a life of crime. A heroin pusher is gunned down in a carpark frequented by junkies, and a woman learns that she’s married to an escapee from a prison farm. Meanwhile a gangland war develops between rival drug dealers, and a fisherman expecting the catch of the day is horrified to reel in a bag of dismembered body parts.

Guest artists in Cop Shop Volume 8 include Tom Richards from Matlock Police; Maurie Fields from The Flying Doctors; Debra Lawrance from Home & Away; Ian Smith and Gary Files from Neighbours; Judith McGrath, Julia Blake and Pepe Trevor from Prisoner: Cell Block H; John Dommett, Peter Bensley, Nick Holland, John Walton, Ross Thompson and Debbie Baile from The Young Doctors; Serge Lazareff from Young Ramsay; and Penny Downie and Marcella Burgoyne from The Sullivans. Other familiar faces cropping up during the police investigations include Queenie Ashton, Max Osbiston, Don Crosby, Simon Burke, Walter Pym, Myrtle Woods, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Deborra-Lee Furness, Henri Szeps, Ernie Bourne, Harold Hopkins, John Ewart, Kit Taylor, and Betty Lucas.

Tom Richards from Matlock Police and Sons & Daughters guest stars in Cop Shop Volume 8 as a shady character called Derek Benson.
Queenie Ashton appears in Cop Shop Volume 8, she starred in radio serials such as Blue Hills, When A Girl Marries and Lust for Life, and was also seen in television hits including Autumn Affair, Certain Women and A Country Practice.

Cop Shop Volume 8 and plenty of other Australian television classics can be purchased exclusively from Eaton Films in the UK. Viewers who are located in Australasia can place their orders with Crawford DVD. Those of you who are based anywhere else in the world should email Eaton Films for shipping details.

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