Monday programme picks for your viewing pleasure as editor Doug Lambert takes a look at telly highlights for February 4th.

The Stand-Up Sketch Show, 10pm, ITV2

From established stand up routines by some of the nation’s best loved comedians, to brand new material from Britain’s most exciting up and coming talent. The Stand Up Sketch Show is doing what no comedy has ever done before!

Each sketch begins with a comedian telling their story on stage in front of a live audience, before shifting into a surreal reconstruction of the material. Using some of the circuit’s funniest material, the reconstructions will feature visual jokes, supporting performances, ridiculous props and absolutely killer comedy. 

In each of the sketches the comedian will play the role they were born to play…themselves.  Any dialogue in the routines will be lip-synced by the comedians and comedy actors adding to the surreal tone of each scene. With 8-10 sketches per episode, each one will vary in length and be fast paced and funny with a ton of additional gags to make sure the laughs keep coming thick and fast.

The Stand Up Sketch Show brings to screen in tonight’s second episode of the series; Stephen Bailey, Tom Allen, Felicity Ward, Joel Dommett, Maisie Adam, Glenn Moore, Marlon Davis and Russell Kane.

Inside Out, 7.30pm, BBC One East

In 2004, Hare Coursing was banned in the UK but BBC Inside Out East discover that it is still very common and police reveal the hunting act is proving extremely difficult to enforce.  With authorities really clamping down on the illegal activity, the real victims have become the dogs.

As police become too close to the criminal, many of them abandon their dogs in a bid to avoid being caught as well as disowning the animals when they become injured. At Wood Green, an Animal Charity – Rehoming Centre, they’ve seen a large number of lurcher-style dogs come through the doors.

With the difficulty of using the hunting act, Police have ended up using the Gaming Act, a law that’s over 100 years old. However, although the law is easier to impose,  offenders  can only be fined and unfortunately, the people that participate in these events can afford to pay. For those outside of the BBC One East region, the programme can be seen later on the iPlayer.

Food Unwrapped – Takeaways Special, 8pm, Channel 4

Food Unwrapped delivers a takeaway special. Matt Tebbutt delves into the secret world of KFC, who are on the frontline of the fight against flaccid fries.

Kate Quilton goes behind the scenes at Deliveroo to discover how they’re cooking up a food revolution, and Dr Helen Lawal gets a pass to Papa John’s to see how they achieve consistency on a mass scale.

Jimmy Doherty travels to New York to investigate the surprising health benefits of a Mexican taco, and Matt discovers the concealed contents lurking in cheap takeaways.

Inside Europe, 9pm, BBC Two

This the second episode in the three-part series is entitled Going For Broke and takes Beeb viewers deep inside crucial European Councils as the leaders and their Ministers try to avert financial disaster. It is a clash between the cautious Angela Merkel and the feisty Nicolas Sarkozy over how to deal with the near-bankruptcy of Greece. The crisis spreads to threaten the euro itself.

It begins when Prime Minister George Papandreou comes into office to discover the disastrous state of the country’s finances. The fate of the EU’s most ambitious project, the single currency, rested on how the EU leaders dealt with the problem. The story includes the furious row between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the head of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet, another Frenchman, over who should pay the bill.

Those present also describe how President Barack Obama brought the German Chancellor to tears. It’s a story that would end, temporarily, with billions of Euros being pumped into the economy, riots against austerity, and two democratically elected Prime Ministers resigning.

The Channel Tunnel: 25 Years, 9pm, Channel 5

The Channel Tunnel is one of seven wonders of the modern world, Channel 5 state, and in this two-part series the network takes a look at what it took to build the longest undersea tunnel ever constructed.

This first episode, which marks a quarter of a century of tunnel travel, the documentary tells the story of a project blighted by unexpected challenges, floods, financial bust-ups and tragedy.

Yet, today, it stands as an engineering triumph and a testament to what can be achieved when two countries put aside their historic differences and work together. Tonight the programme looks at the early stages of the tunnel’s planning and construction. Those who were there – the workers of the tunnel – talk about their engineering marvel.

True Detective, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

If you didn’t want to wait up till 2am this morning to see it broadcast simultaniously with stateside viewers, you get a prime time chance to watch the drama tonight.

This episode, If You Have Ghosts, is the 5th in the eight part third series. Critics have applauded award winning Mahershala Ali’s performance in the third story in Nic Pizzolatto’s engrossing crime drama. The mystery continues as tortured detective Wayne Hays continues to recall the 35 year-old case that defined his life.

Tunnel Vision with Channel 5 at 9pm
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