Grace Gibson Productions have released another batch of classic Australian radio serials for your listening pleasure.

In Famous Fortunes we meet misers, benefactors, squanderers and others who have built, inherited or strived to possess huge fortunes.

In each self-contained episode we learn of fortunes derived from diamonds, gold, tin, postage stamps, fountain pens, and even the humble zipper which can now be found adorning the trousers of men across the world. We explore the case of the $100,000,000 which was languishing in a bank account with no heir to claim it, we delve into the life of the star-spangled Scotsman Andrew Carnegie who gave away 90% of his fortune, learn of retail tycoon Frank Woolworth, car designer Sir Henry Royce, philanthropist Lord Nuffield of Morris Minor fame, and hear the remarkable story of King Gillette who built his empire with the safety razor.

Cast members in this fascinating serial from 1952 include Sheila Sewell, Lou Vernon, Guy Doleman, Lyndall Barbour, Paul McNaughton, Neva Carr Glyn, Harp McGuire, Ted Smith, Richard Ashley, Alistair Duncan, Frances Worthington, Barry Cookson, and Margaret Christensen.

Disc Sleeve inset: We discover how people have made their wealth in Famous Fortunes. Right: Richard Ashley appears in Famous Fortunes. He starred in radio serials such as First Light Fraser, The Guiding Light, Life Can Be Beautiful, The Life of Mary Sothern, and Doctor Mac.

There is vintage legal drama from the pens of writers including Don Haring and E.J. Hooke in Justice which is based on actual court cases from around the world. Judgement is handed down fairly to all those who stand in the dock whether they be young or old, rich or poor. You’ll be transfixed as wrongdoers are sentenced to penal servitude, hard labour, and even to the death penalty through either hanging or the electric chair.

The plethora of intriguing cases include a foreigner standing trial in an English court when a wealthy financier is murdered. A middle-aged widow who marries a much younger man is murdered, a jury ponders if a hit and run accident was actually cold blooded murder, and a homicidal maniac has been killing women before dismembering their bodies.

A man is found dead after double-crossing one woman too many, and the court must decide if a hedonistic husband, tied down by a sick and ailing wife, killed her or if she took her own life. A young mother is accused of murdering her infant son, we learn of racketeering in the penal colony of New South Wales, and wonder if a man will send his friends to the gallows to save his own skin. There is the story of a fatal flogging in the Colony of Goree which will have delayed consequences for a man who lived by brutality and we have a page from Australian history with the Eureka Stockade incident. A doctor goes on trial accused of poisoning multiple victims, and we hear of the case of the last of the Wild West bad men.

Vintage legal drama is on offer in Justice.

Famous Fortunes, Justice and a wealth of other classic Australian radio serials can be purchased by listeners worldwide on CD or as digital downloads exclusively from the Grace Gibson Productions website.

All photographs copyright IRS Grace Gibson Productions.
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