Rick Edwards joins Beau Ouimette for an eight-part series to air on History.

In this series from HISTORY® UK, presenter and wild swimmer Rick Edwards teams up with YouTube sensation Beau Ouimette, a river detectorist with over 30 years’ experience and more than 1 million online followers, as they search the UK’s waterways for archaeological finds.

River Hunters follows Rick and river searching expert Beau as they visit historically significant sites across the UK through the waterways that have remained untouched for hundreds and even thousands of years. By searching these unexplored rivers, they will reveal secrets from the major events that happened there and find treasures from the past which will bring forgotten stories to life.

As Rick and Beau visit locations synonymous with British history they cover iconic events and battles including the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Roman Britain, the Wars of the Roses, the Reformation and the English Civil War. Their searches of unexplored rivers and waterways unearth treasures from the past which reveal how our ancestors used to live.

Using state-of-the-art technology, archive maps and contemporaneous accounts from the period, Beau and Rick perform the first underwater archaeological digs in some of the most exciting and iconic historical sites in Britain, often in dangerous and fast-flowing water. 

In the first episode, which airs next month, Rick and Beau tackle the mighty river Forth in the shadow of Stirling Castle. In the first archaeological river search of this spot ever, the pair set out on the hunt for relics of Scotland’s greatest medieval warriors, William Wallace and Robert The Bruce, revealing secrets from the battle sites of their most famous victories against their hated English overlords.  However, the River Hunters come across hugely significant finds dating much deeper into history as they unearth a Bronze age axe head and spear tip (c. 1000 AD) leading our experts to believe this area of the Forth near Cambuskenneth Abbey was a potential pagan place of worship.

The eight-part series River Hunters with Rick Edwards will premiere on HISTORY on Monday 18th March at 9pm.

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