Danniella Westbrook sent to rehab by Jeremy Kyle

The ITV show tried to send her to rehab and she said, yes, yes, yes.

“The last seven days, I’ve suffered with my mental health terribly – a lot of people do, I know it’s not an issue and it’s not an excuse to go back to, but I’ve started to get a lot of help for that.


“I find having personality disorders and stuff hard because I don’t understand the jargon that they give me to read about it, because I think every person with mental health is a different case because we’re all different people.” – Danniella Westbrook

On Friday’s show (February 8th), during an interview with Danniella Westbrook about her continued drug use, Jeremy Kyle made the decision to offer Danniella a 12-week rehabilitation programme – and she agreed.

Former EastEnders actress Danniella had joined Jeremy for an interview as part of a special episode on the price of fame which also saw Paul Danan discuss his addiction issues and Dee Kelly open up on her struggles since finding fame on poverty-porn series Benefit Street.

And, towards the end of an emotionally charged and frank interview where Danniella revealed she had taken cocaine as little as four days previously, Jeremy made the unexpected decision to offer her a 12 week placement at a treatment facility.

After calling Graham onto the stage, Jeremy said to both him and Danniella:

“Right I’m doing something I never thought I’d do… I didn’t think I’d do this I’m cutting through all of the BS. I tell you what, there is something I want to do for this girl. This is completely unplanned…. I want to send you to rehab right now. I want to send you to rehab.”

Danniella said: “I’d love to go. I’d love to go… I won’t do a runner.. I promise, one hundred percent.” Jeremy said: “I’ve known you for twenty years and I was sitting there this morning and I was thinking, I don’t want to do another interview where she tells me ‘that this person does this and does that’. I want to do what we do with every other person on this show. I want to give you an opportunity.”

He added, “I find myself this morning, I woke up, I’m reading the things, I’m thinking I’m going to damn well tell her today because all they do is blow smoke up her backside and go ‘oh it will be alright’. It won’t be alright, you will end up killing yourself.”

Danniella previously appeared on the show in 2012, admitting to using drugs during her pregnancy, which Jeremy called the “most shocking thing” he had ever heard on the show. She said that she was taking cocaine right up until going into labour, including in the delivery room straight after giving birth. The troubled star came to prominence as Sam Mitchell in the BBC One soap between 1990-1993 with several short-lived stints since.  

The Jeremy Kyle Show airs weekdays at 9.25am on ITV, STV and UTV.

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