The BBC is announcing a change to its scheduling to create a special slot devoted to showcasing the best of ‘online only’ channel BBC Three which lacks the popularity it enjoyed while broadcast.

“The current Monday-Thursday schedule has only been in place since 2015 and we believe this change will better serve all our audiences.” – BBC

Following the cuts to regional news by ITV in the past decade it has been the Beeb that has enhanced its local news offerings – well apart from for viewers in Cumbria – but changes are coming to boost BBC One’s further quest for youth ratings. Beginning at 10.35pm, between Monday and Wednesday every week, select BBC Three programmes, from the channel without a transmitter, will showcase in a new, regular destination after the News at Ten on BBC One.

Question Time will remain after the News and weather on Thursdays but at the earlier time of 10.35pm. On Fridays the news and weather already finish at that time so will not be affected by the revamp. The first wave of titles in the BBC Three slot will be the second series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s award winning Fleabag, followed by new dating format Eating With My Ex and Stacey Dooley fronted make-up competition Glow-Up playing across Monday-Wednesday respectively.

Since the 2015 general election, the BBC has been running a longer News at Ten, regional news and weather package. It has meant a 15 minute overlap with Newsnight on BBC Two and has also made scheduling programmes immediately after the news and weather more difficult the corporation note. Moving Newsnight has not, for reasons unstated, been mooted.

From Monday March 4th the Beeb is shortening the national and local news and weather from 45 minutes to 35 minutes.

“The award-winning BBC News at Ten will continue to bring high-quality reporting of the day’s events to its audiences.” – BBC

Following a decline in views to BBC Three programming since it lost its channel slots on all UK television platforms, the Beeb are now hoping to boost audiences for its the youth-aimed productions by developing BBC iPlayer’s home screen to help viewers find new BBC Three content more easily and give them the opportunity to discover even more programming from BBC Three.

Since BBC Three moved online three years ago, it has achieved huge critical success thanks to content and themes that resonate with young people in the UK today. The Beeb spin that while the ratings are no where near as good as when the channel was broadcast there has been an increase in viewing of the content in the past year, which will be boosted further, they hope, by the bigger exposure to the content online and via BBC One. BBC Three’s YouTube channel has also achieved exponential growth with UK Views growing over 80% year on year and over 1.2m subscribers globally.

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