Tim Renkow and Lorraine Bracco star as Tim and his loud, proud mother, in BBC Three comedy, Jerk.

“Jerk is by turns jaw dropping and hilarious. Tim is the ultimate kamikaze comedy rebel who takes risks and no prisoners. The entire ensemble on the show are knockout. Strap in for one of the most distinctive and outrageous sitcoms on air this year…” – Shane Allen, Controller, BBC Comedy Commissioning

Tim has cerebral palsy, which means that people judge him and his crumpled tissue of a body. But usually they judge him wrongly. Because what they don’t realise is that inside that severely disabled, fragile body is a bit of an asshole.

Tim purposely makes people feel uncomfortable and uses his cerebral palsy to get away with saying what others can’t. But that’s his problem: time spent taking aim at life’s easier targets means Tim takes his eye off its bigger prizes: the job, the girl and the visa.

Like faking it as a refugee, making a disabled nemesis and offending his new colleagues at a greeting cards company, Tim becomes the master of his own downfall and it’s left to his friends Ruth, his indifferent care worker, played by Sharon Rooney, and Idris, played by Rob Madin, to get him out of all the disastrous situations he gets himself into.

Jerk will be available as a boxset on BBC Three and will also air on BBC One. The four-part comedy series is written by Shaun Pye, Tim Renkow and Stu Richards

“Roughcut is thrilled to unleash Tim onto the world. This is a brave and mischievous show with a unique lead; a young man who’s his own worst enemy and knows because of his cerebral palsy he can get away with almost anything. Tim Renkow is a fearless standup, who thrives on pushing the line of uncomfortable jokes. The transition from his stand-up talent to sitcom was hugely satisfying for Roughcut to collaborate on.” – Alex Smith, Roughcut’s Head of Comedy

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