The Coronation Street actress was the latest to depart the studio ice rink dancing contest on Sunday night.

Jane Danson

How do you feel to have left the competition?

I feel slightly sad yet slightly relieved at the same time! I think it was my time to go.

What do you think you’ll miss the most?

All the camaraderie with all the guys. It’s such a great bunch of people. Brian McFadden, I adore, James Jordan I adore and Wes is great fun. The girls and I have had really lovely chats. The make-up team is amazing, the costume department. I’ll just miss the camaraderie and the laughs. It’s been really fun.

What was the hardest point for you?

I think the hardest thing was learning a routine in a really short space of time. It was quite a high-pressure situation for all of us. Certainly, on a personal level with no dance experience, I found it especially challenging. The week seemed to run away with you a little bit and you were always kind of living on your nerves.

How did you find juggling the training with Corrie as well?

I think I underestimated the commitment becauseĀ Dancing On IceĀ is a dangerous sport. It’s not something you can just rock up and do. You have to have all the safety elements covered and you’ve got to know what you’re doing. Balancing travel and a full-time job with family life as well, it was a challenge certainly. I did find it hard but I’ve had wonderful support from friends and family, certainly from my husband and my mum. It’s been quite full on.

Back at the start, Jane (right) appears in 1997 for the first time as Leanne Battersby in Corrie, with on-screen sister Toyah played by Georgia Taylor.

How have you found working with Sylvain?

We’ve got to know each other in a different way. We were all friends before but we’ve got to know each other in a teacher-pupil capacity and that’s been a different process and way of working. He’s been doing this for so long, he’s a wonderful dancer and he is so committed to it being right. I sometimes struggled with arms and straight legs so he didn’t go easy but it was all in the name of the game, to become a better skater.

Have any of your Corrie co-stars expressed an interest in having a go next year?

You know what? There is quite a queue! I think because we are all fortunate that we do a job that we love but a few of us have now been through this process before. I think we all say the same thing ‘It is really tough. It is hard work and it is gruelling but at the same time it’s wonderful!’ There’ll be a big part of me that is sad because I’ll never get to do this again. There is a lot of people at Corrie who would like to give it a go.

On the departure show you said that it was one the best things you’ve ever done. Do you have anything else on your bucket list? Any other talents/TV shows?

Turning forty last year, it was a bit of marker in my life. I thought ‘I’ve got to do more.’ So, I wrote a short film that I’m hoping to get off the ground with a director friend of mine. It’s just for fun and so we can make it ourselves. When you’ve been doing a job for a long time and it’s a creative job, it does you good to step sideways slightly. I feel energised to return to my day job and explore other things as well.

Dancing on Ice returns to ITV, STV and UTV on Sunday evening at 8pm.

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