Fans of classic Australian radio drama will enjoy the latest batch of serials which have been released by Grace Gibson Productions.

Its action all the way in Grace Gibson Radio Classics – Crime and Mystery Volume 4.

In volume 4 of Grace Gibson Radio Classics – Crime and Mystery we have selected episodes from a number of vintage serials. In Dramas of the Courts a foreman is accused of shooting his workmate and taking off with the firm’s payroll. Then we have an episode of The Mistakes They Made which looks at how master criminals came unstuck after making errors in their cunning plans, and in Abel Cain Investigates we meet an ex-commando and former member of Interpol (played by Alistair Duncan), who now fights organised crime as a private detective in London during the swinging 1960s. Also included on this release is an episode of The Hidden Truth starring Harp McGuire in which authentic cases from the files of Leonarde Keeler are explored.

Keeler was one of the world’s foremost scientific criminologists who conducted over 30,000 polygraph (lie-detector) tests so there is plenty of human drama to experience. In the chosen episode of Men of the Sea starring Frank Waters and Ken Fraser we hear the tale of some unfortunate souls who spent seventy days adrift on the ocean, and lastly we have an edition of Stand By For Crime which was unique in that the first 26 episodes were recorded in Hollywood and the next 26 were made in Sydney with leading man Glenn Langan being flown from America to Australia to star in them. Stand By For Crime features radio newscaster Chuck Morgan who takes us through the file of rotten rackets that he’s compiled during his career as a newsman.

The Australian radio version of Dick Tracy is out now.

Fans of romantic drama will enjoy Portrait of Jennifer.

Dick Tracy aficionados will be thrilled to learn that the Australian radio adventures of this legendary character are now being made available for the first time in decades. Dick has had many incarnations over the years, he started life as a comic book hero in the USA during the early 1930s and was soon featured in books, radio serials, film serials, feature films and of course television shows. Now Dick’s fans can revisit Grace Gibson’s version of his exploits from 1954 which was based on the original American radio scripts. Dick Tracy Volume 1 features the first 52 episodes of the serial with Harp McGuire in the title role, Pat Shay plays Tess Trueheart, Ray Hartley can be heard as Junior and other cast members include Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell and Margaret Christensen.

In the romantic radio serial Portrait of Jennifer we meet Jennifer Tremaine (Amber Mae Cecil), a designer and artist who is secretly engaged to her employer’s son. When her weak fiancée calls off their nuptials on his father’s instruction, Jennifer begins a new life in London, and she is transported from a monotonous existence to the glamorous world of high fashion. She will soon learn that love makes fools of us all with three men coming into her life. So whilst her career flies high we wonder if she will ever find true happiness. Others in the cast include Margo Lee, Richard Meikle, John Unicomb, Walter Sullivan, Ruth Cracknell, and Keith Buckley

Left: Fascinating lives are explored in The Passing Parade.. Right: Amber Mae Cecil stars in Portrait of Jennifer.

More laughs are to be had with How Green Was My Cactus.

In volumes 21 and 22 of The Passing Parade, John Doremus takes us through another batch of fascinating lives. We learn of legendary figures such as Joseph Pulitzer, Benjamin Disraeli, Gertrude of Arabia, the Hollywood Hobo, Blackbeard, Pretty Polly, General Tom Thumb, Queen Victoria, and Leopold The Unloved.

If you feel in need of a good laugh then the latest releases of the hilarious political satire How Green Was My Cactus will hit the spot. In the episodes broadcast during January and February of this year, we hear of bogan penalty rates, the shark menace, a new FBI chief, investment for idiots, the Oscars, and discover that the greens are getting stuck into coal.

All of these classic Australian radio serials and a wealth of others are available to listeners worldwide on CD or as digital downloads exclusively from the Grace Gibson Productions website.

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