Fans of the Australian police drama Cop Shop will be pleased to know that the ninth DVD volume of the series is now available in the UK.

Cop Shop Volume 9 is out now.

In this box set Senior Constable Tony Benjamin (Gregory Ross) is determined to purchase his paraplegic wife Claire (Louise Philip) a motorised scooter chair. Unfortunately he can ill afford such an expensive item and approaches a loan shark who is connected to some shady underworld types. These crims want Tony to turn a blind eye to a crime they are planning, but when he double crosses this international syndicate of fur coat thieves they kidnap Claire and threaten to kill her unless he carries out their demands.

The drama continues for the Benjamin’s when Tony’s old friend Greg Foster (Bruce Kilpatrick) arrives from Queensland. Greg has some issues to deal with and we learn that he is in denial about his sexuality. It transpires that he is actually a closet homosexual, and resorts to jumping off a cliff after finding it impossible to come to terms with his sexual tendencies.

Left: Tony Benjamin (Gregory Ross) falls foul of a loan shark when he tries to buy a motorised wheelchair. Right: Claire Benjamin (Louise Philip) is abducted by menacing heavies.

A local woman is terrified when her violent husband escapes from prison, and a book shop owner masterminds the theft of a million dollars from an armoured car. A bent doctor who is offering bogus treatments for asthmatics comes to the attention of the boys in blue, and a used car salesman is bashed and robbed by an assailant wearing a balaclava. The crime spree continues for the cops at Riverside Police Station when two Vietnam veterans turn to an unsuccessful life of crime by trying to rob an illegal gambling den, a big time heroin dealer and a massage parlour.

A cat burglar ends up leading the police to a man who is importing heroin from Thailand and Hong Kong before shipping the merchandise on to drug pushers in the USA. A feud between two rival tow truck firms gets out of hand when a man is crushed beneath a car he is working on, and when a petrol bomb is hurled into one of the towing yards. A woman is living in fear of her wife bashing husband and this prompts Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Cameron (Terence Donovan) to encourage local town councillor Maggie Gould (Pat Bishop) to open a halfway house for the battered womenfolk of Riverside.

Left: The sexually confused Greg Foster (Bruce Kilpatrick) blows in from banana bender country (Queensland). Right: Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Cameron (Terence Donovan) backs halfway houses for battered women and ex-convicts.

When a tool factory is robbed the lid is blown on a counterfeit money racket, and things turn ugly when a vigilante group of local residents go on the rampage after a farmer turns his property into a halfway house for ex-prisoners and convicts who are on parole.

Over at the Riverview Hotel the manager is involved in the badger game in which he tips off a male gigolo about wealthy single women and homosexual men who are staying at his establishment. This gigolo proceeds to get his victims drunk at the in-house discotheque, he takes them back to their room for sex, drugs them with spiked grog, and when they pass out he robs them of their possessions knowing full well that they won’t risk going to the police due to the bad publicity. When this gigolo targets a married company director who is a closet homosexual, his victim employs the services of a hit man to resolve the matter.

Ray Meagher who plays Alf Stewart in Home and Away, appears in Cop Shop as a Vietnam veteran who bungles his new career as a criminal.

The alcoholic ex-mistress of a millionaire gets mixed up with big time jewel thieves when she decides to get a slice of her former lover’s wealth, and a young woman is left orphaned after two armed bandits cause her parents car to veer off the road. Two nasty crims try to gas their cohort in a car, and then conspire to murder a former copper turned motel manager. A man claiming to be an English baronet is caught up in a double-cross between two feuding gold bullion dealers, and a flu ridden Constable Roy Baker crashes a police car whilst unwittingly under the influence of intoxicating cough medicine.

Detective Amanda King (Lynda Stoner) finds herself in the running for the Miss Policewoman title in the Miss Australia Quest through which she will help to raise funds for the Spastics Society. It is through this quest that Amanda will meet and fall madly in love with Simon D’Arcy (Chris Orchard) and it appears that wedding bells could be on the cards.

Left: Ian Smith played Harold Bishop in Neighbours. In Cop Shop Volume 9 he appears as a married company director called John Collins. John is a closet homosexual who is done down by a male gigolo. Right: Mike Preston was a chart topping pop star in the UK. In Australia he would continue to sing, hosted TV shows, was a regular panellist on The Celebrity Game, and appeared in TV shows such as Homicide and Bellbird. In Cop Shop Volume 9 he plays Sergeant Hugh Monroe of the drug squad.

Guest artists appearing in this volume include Noel Trevarthen from Carson’s Law; Tim Elston from Richmond Hill; Ray Meagher from Home & Away; Ian Smith, Tom Oliver, Anne Charleston and Stefan Dennis from Neighbours; Nick Waters and Liddy Clark from The Sullivans; Terry Gill and Maurie Fields from The Flying Doctors; Rod Mullinar from Ryan; Vic Gordon from Matlock Police; Syd Conabere from Sons & Daughters; Serge Lazareff from Young Ramsay; Lesley Baker from Prisoner: Cell Block H; Briony Behets and Paul Karo from The Box; Mike Preston from Homicide; playwright Donald MacDonald; and Kerri Eichorn and Nick Holland from The Young Doctors.

Cop Shop Volume 9 and a wealth of other Australian television classics can be ordered in the UK exclusively from Eaton Films. Fans who are based in Australasia can place their orders with Crawford DVD. Those of you who are located anywhere else in the world should email Eaton Films for shipping details.

Left: Detective Amanda King (Lynda Stoner) tries her luck in the Miss Australia Quest. UK viewers will remember Lynda as Nurse Kim Barrington in The Young Doctors. Right: Chris Orchard from The Young Doctors, Carson’s Law and Prime Time joins the cast of Cop Shop as Simon D’Arcy.

All photographs copyright Crawford Productions/Eaton Films/WIN Corporation.
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