Christopher Biggins is the latest well-known name to suffer a phone theft in London.

The actor who played ‘Lukewarm’ in prison-based sitcom Porridge alongside Ronnie Barker had his phone snatched by a hooded cyclist as he waited for a taxi.

The performer who has also appeared on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and featured in cult classic movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show said the experience was “terrifying” and left him feeling “violated”.

Christopher Biggins spoke about his ordeal on Friday, April 5th, following the incident earlier in the week. The pantomime legend had taken over BBC Wiltshire, as guest station editor for the day when he explained that he has just left a swanky restaurant in Covent Garden, London, on Wednesday night when the phone robber pounced.

“I walked down to Charring Cross Road to get an Uber at quarter to midnight and I was on my phone, I was looking down toward Trafalgar Square and I was seeing how far away he was and suddenly a hooded cyclist came by and stole my phone – just took it out of my hand. It was such a violation.”

The actor, who recently turned 70, added that he ‘shouted very loudly but it was quarter to midnight and he got away.’ Biggins added that talking to insurers the next day made him feel a little better because some of them asked: “Is that the real Mr Biggins?”

He doesn’t think the thieves will be able to crack open the phone and get to his contacts which will hold endless showbiz names ranging from Carry On icon Dame Barbara Windsor to Crossroads actor Tony Adams.

Christopher Biggins was one of four presenters guest editing BBC Wiltshire last week as the local station marked their 30th birthday. The others have been Time Team’s Phil Harding, Olympian Sharron Davies and Apprentice star Nick Hewer.

Christopher Biggins reunited with Tony Osoba and the late Sam Kelly in 2014 to share memories of sitcom Porridge for UKTV.
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