Taskmaster return date announced for Dave

UKTV have announced the series will return to screens next month.

The wait is finally over, Taskmaster returns to Dave on Wednesday 8th May with the show tyrant Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne putting a new set of courageous contestants through their paces.

The eight run of episodes sees challengers including Iain Stirling, Joe Thomas, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha, and Sian Gibson taking part in proceedings.

The new series sees some of the best brains of British television go up against each other as they conceal themselves in a phone box, make edible dust, cause a hideous food-based injury and apologise to Alex for the horrible thing they’ve done to him. The merciless Taskmaster and his obedient little man servant have devised these seemingly perplexing challenges to test their creativity, speed of thought and ability to not look like idiots. All for a 24-carat gold cast of Greg’s head and the worthy title of Taskmaster S8 Champion.

UKTV also have announced crime drama We Hunt Together for their Alibi channel. Produced by BBC Studios, the six-part thriller written by Gaby Hull, begins with the collision of two extraordinary people; Babeni (Baba), a former child soldier desperate to suppress his predisposition for violence, and Freddy, a magnetic and disarmingly charming free spirit. When Baba rescues Freddy from an attack following a date that has turned sour, something dark is ignited in them both.

In this bold new take on the classic cat and mouse story, we also follow DI Lola Franks and DCI Jackson Reid as they try to outsmart the killers, despite their polar opposite outlooks on the culpability of the criminal mind. A psychological thriller and romance, We Hunt Together explores the dangerous power of desire and questions who is really to blame when the damaged do damage.

We Hunt Together will air on UKTV’s Alibi in 2020. Taskmaster returns to Dave on Wednesday, May 8th.

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