The series aims to help couples stuggling to have that happy sex life.

Channel 4’s revealing new four-part series Sex Tape sees couples with relationship problems bare all, in a bid to solve their relationships woes, by following a radical form of therapy.

Over two thirds of British adults claim to be dissatisfied with their sex lives, so for one-week, Sex Tape arms couples going through a rough patch with personal cameras, to record their most intimate moments – from the rows and the make-ups, to what they get up to between the sheets.

Once they’ve made their ‘sex tape’, each pair sits down to watch, joined by two other couples and mediated by Relationship Therapist Anjula Mutanda, in a bid to discover whether the shared experience can bring them closer together and re-energise their intimacy.

Each uncensored snapshot captures every natural reaction and during the viewing, emotions run from nerves to frustration as each couple gains a new perspective on their relationship. But will what they view on the ‘sex tape’, and hear from therapists Anjula and the other couples change their relationship for the better – or make them face up to the worst?

Underlying problems across the four-part series include trust issues following infidelity, dealing with a partner’s fetish, and generally making time for each other amid the demands of work and parenting.

Sex Tape promises a unique fly-on-the-wall look at relationships in real-time, as each couple attempts to recapture the romance they once had. The series will be produced by STV Productions.

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