DC Comic fans are speculating as to which character will be revealed as gay as part of the continued re-boot of the DC universe.

Earlier this week it was revealed that DC Comics were planning to re-introduce one of its characters with a very big twist – a gay one.

The re-introduced comic character will be gay and that news sparked fans speculating over the identity of said character. DC Comics recently “rebooted” its entire range of comics meaning all the characters, stories and universes reverted back to “day one” giving the series a clean slate from which to begin.

DC Comics are keen to keep the identity of the gay character under-wraps though fans won’t have long to wait because the reveal has been promised for June. Some fans have been quick to suggest that Batman will be revealed as gay but MTV Geek has a different line of thinking; Alan Scott aka Green Lantern.

The reasoning? Well DC Comics have already revealed that the gay character will be “one of the major iconic characters” which fits Green Lantern – and admittedly one or two other characters as well. Green Lantern stretches all the way back to the 1940s and has survived everything the range has gone through since….

However, we won’t know for sure until the June and until there there’s likely to be plenty more rumours and fan speculation.

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