Another batch of classic radio serials from the vaults of Grace Gibson Productions in Australia have just been released for your listening pleasure.

Life with Dexter will have you laughing like a drain.

In volume three of Life with Dexter, Aussie battler Dexter Dutton (Willie Fennell) suspects that his wife Jessie has become involved in criminal activities after he refuses to give her extra housekeeping money. A homicidal maniac is on the loose in the neighbourhood after escaping from jail, and Dexter starts receiving death threats when a lunatic objects to him gawking at his girlfriend’s purple stockings on a bus. Meanwhile, Dexter is nominated for Ashfield’s Perfect Father Award in which the family could win a trip to Honolulu, and things get out of hand on fireworks night with a charred backside and damage left, right and centre.

There is more political satire in How Green Was My Cactus.

There are more laughs to be had in the latest release of the political satire How Green Was My Cactus. In these episodes, which were originally broadcast during March of this year, the team look at bogan immunisation, the hipster handicap, and migrant culture.

Those of you who enjoy crime drama will be hooked on Abel Cain Investigates which transports us back to London during the swinging 1960s. We meet Abel Cain (Alistair Duncan), an ex-commando and former member of Interpol, who has set himself up as a private detective to fight organised crime from under the radar. The derring-do continues in volume 6 of Hunt The Man Down in which private investigator Dick Mallory (Frank Waters) fights a relentless war against wrongdoers in every far-flung corner of the globe.

Left: Criminals are brought to book in Abel Cain Investigates. Right: Wrongdoers meet their match in Hunt The Man Down.

The Nylon Trap is another serial which hasn’t been heard since its original transmission back in the 1960s. We meet playwright Jeff Marchant (James Condon) who is suffering from writers-block and has a deadline looming, it looks like his next show is going to end up being a total clanger. Jeff thought that he had the perfect marriage with his wife Louise (Anne Haddy) but then he met an ambitious would-be actress called Carla Crane (Judi Farr). This predatory nymph in nylon will turn Jeff’s life upside down and he will become embroiled with an enigmatic but shady millionaire and his henchmen. Tune in to find out if Jeff can save his career, his marriage and to see if he is capable of escaping from the nylon trap. Others in the cast include Richard Meikle from The Young Doctors and Walter Sullivan from Cop Shop.

All of these classic radio serials and a wealth of others are available to listeners worldwide on CD and as digital downloads exclusively from the Grace Gibson Productions website.

Left: A nymph in nylon catches her prey in The Nylon Trap. Right: Anne Haddy played Helen Daniels in Neighbours and stars with her real-life husband James Condon in The Nylon Trap.

Images are copyright Grace Gibson Productions.
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