Deep State returns to UK screens next week

Deep State returns to UK screens May 9th.

“My ambition for Deep State was to create an intelligent, cinematic and political thriller; a modern-day story that reflects the turbulent times we are all living in. This year, we build on the established worlds of London and Washington from season one, and take our audience further behind the curtain of the deep state, introducing new characters and new territories – notably Mali and the epic landscape of the Sahara Desert, the land of the Tuareg people. A new frontier for the deep state, as it seeks ever greater profits from orchestrated and curated chaos. The lines between the political and emotional lives of each character continue to blur and we are thrilled to be telling this new story with such a diverse and talented cast.”  – co-creator, writer, showrunner and director Matthew Parkhill

The first series of the FOX show was the first regional scripted commission for the broadcaster, which doubled the primetime average audience on the network across Europe and Africa. It was also the most viewed show on premium network EPIX, its home stateside.

A teaser trailer and first look photos from the new season reveal fresh details for the espionage thriller, which expands the deep state universe and introduces a range of new characters, led by Critics’ Choice Winner and Emmyâ-nominated actor, Walton Goggins.

The second run of episodes will delve deeper into the murky and political world of the deep state. Having failed in the Middle East, those powers are now turning their attention to sub-Saharan Africa and the scramble to plunder its natural resources. This is the first dirty war over clean energy. The series will also explore the origin stories of some of our favourite characters from season one alongside witnessing the fall of a hero and orchestrating the making of a terrorist in the eyes of the West.

Alongside Walton Goggins, the latest series features returning cast, Joe Dempsie, Karima McAdams, Alistair Petrie and Anastasia Griffith. Rounding out the ensemble are new cast members, Victoria Hamilton (The Crown), Alexander Siddig (The Spy) Lily Banda (The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind) and Zainab Jah (Elementary).

“It’s great to build on the ambitions and success of DS. Ranging from action packed desert sequences to emotionally charged stories we get to build on season one and grow an even bigger audience with season two. I have massive admiration for Matthew Parkhill and his team of writers, Producer Paul Frift and FNG Europe & Africa and the quality of their content.” – Hilary Bevan Jones, Executive Producer with Endor Productions, a Red Arrow Studios Company

Deep State, series two, airs in the UK from 9th May 2019.

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