BBC Two history format A House Through Time will return next year, this time in Bristol.

The most recent series charted the history of the residents of a Newcastle abode.

“This series has swiftly become a treasured part of the schedule on BBC Two. It’s a vitally important returning series for us, perfectly reflecting our ambition for history programmes that connect the bigger sweeps of our nation’s story to individual lives lived all over the country. Having visited houses in Liverpool and Newcastle in the first two series, I’m thrilled that David will delve into Bristol’s rich history next.”- BBC Commissioning Editor, Simon Young

Using painstaking detective work – genealogical records, contemporary documents, and the help of expert witnesses – David Olusoga will trace the lives of the occupants of a single house, getting to know individual characters and following their stories wherever they lead.

The search for a new house in Bristol has already begun, and with the city’s rich maritime history, connections to the slave trade and industrial and technological heritage, the team expect to find no shortage of drama for series three.

The first series took viewers to Liverpool where David told the story of a house and its occupants from 1891 to 1945, a turbulent 50-year period encompassing two World Wars and the Great Depression. The second series saw the production head to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne charting the lives and events from the 1820s to the present day in well-to-do area of the West End of the city.

The third run will air in 2020 over a four-part series.

“The series is hugely popular with viewers and shows just how much we want to know what happened to people just like us in the past. It’s truly a series about and for the people and we are absolutely delighted to be coming back with a new series next year.” – Twenty TwentyDirector of Programmes and Executive Producer, Maxine Watson

Liverpool was the setting for the initial series.
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