Family Themed Hollyoaks titles launch

Channel 4 broadcast the latest version of Hollyoaks’ opening titles at 6.30pm.

Family is at the heart of the latest intro for Channel 4’s Hollyoaks.

“It’s a bit different but it’s very exciting. We’re having lots of family fun…” – Rachel Adedeji who plays Lisa Loveday

The sun is shining for the new Hollyoaks’ family themed title sequence that launched moments ago on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

The Lime Pictures produced saga has revamped its opening sequence which show the Hutchinson’s dancing in the street, the Donavan’s having fun at The Loft and the McQueen’s showing off their moves in The Dog.

Other scenes recorded for the 50 second opener include the Maalik’s having a paddle on the jetty, the Osbornes hosting a birthday party for Oscar while Maxine, Liberty and Sienna are having fun in the folly and the Deveraux clan sitting down to dinner together.

Some previous footage from the most recent titles also survives into the new edit with what Lime Pictures describe as ‘iconic scenes’ retained with a slight revamp. These include Sienna surrounded by leaves, and Grace throwing her drink. Be sure to catch Mercedes in her iconic red dress also.

The new titles will also be accompanied by a refreshed and updated version of the Hollyoaks theme music. The last major refresh for the long running soap saw its titles undergo their biggest change for the first time in six years back in September 2016.

That opening sequence saw a move away from the CGI style to scenes filmed in different sets on location in the village which has carried on with minor tweaks and character changes until last week. The biggest refresh arrived in September 2010 when the theme tune was entirely revamped and the titles moved away from a style first introduced in the 1990s.

“People playing in water, families having fun outdoors. I was surprised the theme tune wasn’t now with lyrics such as ‘everybody needs good Neighbours’ and ‘next door is only a footstep away.'” – TV Critic Vivian Summers

Below, some of the previous logos from across the show’s years on air.

Hollyoaks 20 years - original style titles

Hollyoaks Titles, 2005

Hollyoaks titles 2008 - Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks Logo

Hollyoaks 2015

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