The Jeremy Kyle Show permanently dropped from ITV

The long running controversial ITV Daytime programme comes to an end after fourteen years.

“Given the gravity of recent events we have decided to end production of The Jeremy Kyle Show. The Jeremy Kyle Show has had a loyal audience and has been made by a dedicated production team for 14 years, but now is the right time for the show to end. Everyone at ITV’s thoughts and sympathies are with the family and friends of Steve Dymond.” – Carolyn McCall, ITV’s CEO

The Jeremy Kyle Show will not return to ITV screens following the programme being pulled on Monday after the death of a recent participant on the series. Changes to the schedules saw David Dickenson fronted repeats of Real Deal swiftly brought to air following ITV bosses being informed over the weekend of the death of Steve Dymond who had recently appeared on the programme to undergo a lie detector test to prove his innocence, only the results came back as positive leaving the 63-year-old deeply upset.

Earlier in the week ITV released a statement noting that ‘ITV has many years experience of broadcasting and creating programmes featuring members of the public and each of our productions has duty of care measures in place for contributors.’ adding ‘These will be dependent on the type of show and will be proportionate for the level of activity of each contributor and upon the individual. All of our processes are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are fit for purpose in an ever changing landscape.’

Despite the assurances ITV Daytime in particular has been criticised for its lack of compassion towards guests in recent times with Loose Women accused of double standards by treating men differently to women and last year even bullying when two Nolans ganged up on a celebrity guest while The Jeremy Kyle Show has long been criticised for its parading of the vulnerable and troubled on television as a form of entertainment. However this surely says more about the daytime audiences who enjoy seeing guests booed and shouted at for fun. Previous similar programmes on daytime ITV included The Time, The Place, Vannessa Feltz and Trisha Goddard with all of the latter not resorting to the confrontational style the Kyle show used to boost ratings.

Actress Daniella Westbrook sought help from the programme.

The cast of Coronation Street appeared on a anniversary special of the programme as their characters.

“In the case of The Jeremy Kyle Show, the programme has significant and detailed duty of care processes in place for contributors pre, during and post show which have been built up over 14 years, and there have been numerous positive outcomes from this, including people who have resolved complex and long-standing personal problems.” – ITV Statment on May 14th

It is believed that digger driver Steve Dymond committed suicide following battles with depression, which culminated in an appearance on the Kyle show to prove to his fiancee that he wasn’t cheating on her. However the lie detector test – which isn’t 100% accurate – gave a reading that Dymond had been lying. This revelation lead to many other former participants of the programme coming forward with experiences of their time on the Salford based production. Former Granada Television staff also took to social media to provide an insight into the staging of guests and the audiences to gain the most drama out of each edition.

A previously announced review of the episode of the show is underway and will continue, ITV however have not noted whether the information provided by former staff and guests will be added into the review of how The Jeremy Kyle Show was put together. 53-year-old Kyle himself has not spoken about the programme as yet however MPs, psychiatrists and experts uged ITV to scrap ‘their theatre of cruelty’ while the PM was said to be concerned by the programme. ITV suspended the show’s production on Monday while a review was carried out. ‘Given the seriousness of this event, ITV has also decided to suspend both filming and broadcasting of The Jeremy Kyle Show with immediate effect in order to give it time to conduct a review of this episode of the show, and we cannot comment further until this review is completed.’

Kyle, who has a waxwork in Blackpool’s Madame Tussauds, will continue to work with ITV on other projects.

“As we have said, everyone at ITV and The Jeremy Kyle Show is shocked and saddened at the news of the death of a participant in the show a week after the recording of the episode they featured in and our thoughts are with their family and friends. We will not screen the episode in which they featured.” – ITV

2012, the show continues to pull in ratings for ITV Daytime.

At the start, pointing the finger of blame in a 2005 episode.
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