More vintage Australian radio drama out now

Grace Gibson Productions in Australia have released another batch of gems from their rich archive of classic radio drama.

The classic radio serial Girl On The Run was written by Don Houghton of Take The High Road and Crossroads fame.

Girl On The Run follows private secretary Kay Kinneal (Judi Farr) whose life begins to fall apart when she knocks back a marriage proposal from her rich and powerful employer Julian Kilburn. Kay has feelings for another man and Julian doesn’t take the rejection well, he becomes abusive and violent and a struggle takes place which results in Julian being rendered unconscious. The next day Kay learns that Julian is dead and that the police are treating his demise as murder, she makes a run for it to escape from both the boys in blue and the ruthless Kilburn family.

Will Kay be able to clear her good name, will the real murderer be apprehended or will this innocent woman be imprisoned for the term of her natural life. Girl On The Run is an original story written for radio by Don Houghton who later wrote for several British television programmes including Crossroads, Emergency – Ward 10, Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel, and he created and wrote the popular Scottish serial Take The High Road.

Judi Farr plays a secretary who shoots through after being accused of murder in Girl On The Run.

Starlight Theatre Volume 2 features fifteen self-contained plays covering everything from mystery and romance to comedy and suspense. Adapted from scripts written by leading overseas writers the selected episodes feature well-known names such as John Meillon, Leonard Teale, Wendy Playfair, Ossie Wenban, John Bonney, Brian James, Ray Barrett, Betty Lucas, Walter Sullivan, Gordon Glenwright, and Richard Meikle. The Woman Who Was Dead is one of the plays on this release in which we meet Romona Pendall (Georgie Sterling), a woman at the end of her life, who has deep regrets about getting married and losing her chance of a top flight career as a concert pianist.

Meanwhile there are plenty of laughs to be had in the latest release of the political satire How Green Was My Cactus featuring episodes transmitted during May of this year. The writing team had plenty of material to drawn on with the Australian election happening Down Under and we hear of smear campaigns along with mid-east action heroes, Indian opposition and Donald in court.

All of these radio serials are available to listeners worldwide on both CD and as digital downloads exclusively from the Grace Gibson Productions website.

Left: Return to the long gone glory days of the theatre of the air with Starlight Theatre. Right: The political knives are out in How Green Was My Cactus.

Photographs copyright IRS Grace Gibson Productions.
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