Telly Today: Some television choices for Tuesday June 4th including the latest in Michael Apted’s look at the lives of a selection of society who were seven in 1964.

One to Watch: 63 Up, ITV, STV, UTV at 9pm

ITV’s landmark documentary Up series began in 1964, with Granada Television cameras following a group of people drawn from startlingly different backgrounds who have allowed television cameras to drop into their lives at seven year intervals ever since.

Led by director Michael Apted throughout the decades, this unique, acclaimed series has now reached 63 Up, allowing it to gain further illuminating insight into its original premise of asking whether or not our adult lives are pre-determined by our earliest influences and the social class in which we are raised – an issue as relevant to our society now as it was when the series first aired.

Across three films, 63 Up reveals more life-changing decisions, more shocking announcements and joy and tears in equal measure. The original 7 Up was broadcast as a one-off World in Action Special inspired by the founder editor Tim Hewat’s passionate interest in the Jesuit saying ‘Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man’ and his anger at what he saw as the rigidity of social class in England.

7 Up featured the children talking about their hopes and dreams for the future. As members of the generation who would be running the country by the year 2000, what did they think they would become? The result was ground-breaking television and the follow-up films have won an array of awards.

Director Michael Apted, who moved to Hollywood in the late 70s to direct films including Coal Miner’s Daughter, The World Is Not Enough, The Chronicles of Narnia and Gorillas in the Mist, has returned every seven years to chart the children’s progress through life.

Over nearly six decades, the series has documented the group as they have become adults and entered middle-age, dealing with everything life has thrown at them in between.

Now, as the group reach retirement age, the series is back to discover what they are doing…

Instant Dreams, Sky Arts at 10pm

Willem Baptist directs this documentary about the fascination and love for Polaroid. When Polaroid announced the end of its ‘instant camera’ film in 2008 the last working factory was purchased by a group of enthusiasts.

Among the group of the instant film camera fans was retired scientist Stephen Herchen who previously collaborated with the inventor of Polaroid and is now attempting to  unravel the secret of the lost chemical formula.

Other Polaroid fans featured in the programme include German artist Stefanie Schneider who will be seen in the Californian desert conducting a photo shoot with her last batch of original Polaroid stock, New York magazine editor Christopher Bonanos, who wrote a book concerning the history of the photography company who captures moments of fun with his son on an instant film camera while a Japanese fan tells viewers how she fell in love with the format when using a Polaroid in Tokyo.

24 Hours in A&E, Channel 4 at 9pm

The 18th series continues following patients who are treated in the same 24-hour period at St George’s in south west London.

This episode displays the strength of unconditional love between parents and children. Michelle, who’s 34, is rushed to A&E with suspected sepsis. She is accompanied by her mum, her dad and her son Josiah. As doctors work to establish the cause of her infection, it’s revealed how she battled to maintain a positive outlook and remain strong for her son when she received a chronic diagnosis several years ago.

Charlie-Ann, who’s 14, has come to A&E with her mum after getting part of an earring stuck in her ear. She’s exceptionally brave as doctors attempt to extract the earring. Meanwhile, nine-year-old Benoit has abdominal pains and doctors are concerned that he may have appendicitis. 

Holby City, BBC One (excluding Scotland) at 8pm

In the hope of mending Isaac (Marc Elliott) and his father Jon’s (Geoff Leesley) relationship, Dom (David Ames) makes a risky decision which lands him in hot water. And while Dom and Isaac grow close during Jon’s treatment, it looks like history is repeating itself: will Dom fall under Isaac’s spell?

Hanssen (Guy Henry) finds himself in unfamiliar territory when an estranged relative arrives at Holby begging for his help, but when doubt surrounds the patient’s symptoms Hanssen must determine the root of the problem.

Keen for a new start, a revitalised Chloe (Amy Lennox) returns to Holby and immediately throws herself into work. But her joy is short.

River City, BBC One Scotland at 8pm

Joe tightens his control over Ruby as their relationship develops dangerously; Alex’s return riles Lenny, who gives his son a sinister ultimatum; and Eve makes her mark as the new GP in town.

When Ruby announces plans to spend the summer in Ibiza with her dad, Joe is irked – determined to keep her close to him. He manipulates Ruby into proving she’s serious about their relationship, so the besotted teenager steals Caitlin’s credit card and books them a hotel room so they can finally get intimate.

With Caitlin completely oblivious, Ruby packs her overnight bag for a fake study sleepover. But at the hotel Ruby starts to have cold feet about sleeping with Joe – but he knows exactly how to comfort her, and how to get what he wants.

Later, when Caitlin discovers Ruby has lied about studying and is booked into a nearby hotel, she turns up with Maggie, demanding answers. However, little does Caitlin realise the extent of the deception, or that her boyfriend Joe is grooming Ruby in plain sight.

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