Yesterday is opening a workshop for historic war planes.

“Taking our viewers to the heart of aviation engineering whilst examining profoundly significant parts of British history really excites us. Not only is it pressurized and costly, but the skill, patience and precision needed to restore these dormant warbirds has rarely been seen. Whether its sourcing scarce parts from all over the world or manoeuvring unexpected hitches, we’ll be right inside the bowels of these hangars as engineers toil to return these iconic aircrafts to the sky. For us, it’s the perfect combination of nostalgia and craftsmanship. Air TV are proven specialists in first-rate factual content, and we’re thrilled to be working with them again on such a special series.” – UKTV’s Natalie Rose

UKTV has commissioned a new series for its leading factual channel, Yesterday. Warbird Workshop is buckling up, chucking the chocks away and lining up for take-off with the men and women committed to returning the UK’s most historic warplanes to the skies in a six-part series.

Each episode of the new series will follow the painstaking work that goes in to the restoration of an iconic aircraft, as well as telling the stories of the airfield where the workshop is located, the men and women who flew the plane, the part it played in military history, and the challenges it now presents its restorers and pilots.

Aircraft featured in the series includes an iconic Spitfire that flew 50 wartime combat missions, an American C47 paratroop plane that was damaged on D-Day, a rare biplane veteran of the Condor Legion that fought in the Spanish Civil War and a Cold War L39 jet.

Warbird Workshop is produced by Air TV.

“The astonishing engineering skills that kept these aircraft flying are still alive today. We’re looking forward to throwing open the hangar doors and celebrating the men and women dedicated to putting these warbirds back where they belong – in the sky. Seeing a plane that hasn’t flown for decades once more roaring down the runway makes for heart-stopping viewing.” – Ian Cundall, executive producer for Air TV

Warbird Workshop will air on Yesterday in 2020 and will also be available on UKTV Play.

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