Best on the Box: June 8th and ITV bring us Barrymore, the BBC return to Eve and Channel 4 are probing the sinking of the Titanic with new fiery evidence.

One to Watch: Titanic – The New Evidence, Channel 4 at 7pm

She was the largest ship ever built and believed to be unsinkable.

When RMS Titanic went down on her maiden voyage taking 1500 people to their death, it shocked the world and started a debate that still rages today. Why, when the Titanic received several warnings of icebergs ahead, did the captain steam full speed towards them without changing course?

Two hours after the collision, the Titanic was safely afloat before she inexplicably gave way and took hundreds of passengers to their deaths. What happened to make her sink so rapidly?

Titanic – The New Evidence brings to life, in full moving colour, recently unearthed photographs of the launch and maiden voyage of RMS Titanic. The photographs reveal an intriguing clue: a previously unseen mark on the hull that launches investigative journalist and Titanic expert Senan Molony into a fresh investigation into the mystery of the sinking. 

The Titanic story has been turned into a couple of big screen movies, and pictured here, a musical.

Killing Eve, BBC One at 9.15pm

In this the first episode of the series, How To Dispose Of A Body?, after everything that happened in Russia, Eve (Sandra Oh) went rogue. Turning up at Villanelle’s (Jodie Comer) home and coming face to face with her, in a moment that shocked even Villanelle, Eve has just stabbed her in the stomach.

Now Eve is alone in Villanelle’s flat with nothing but a knife, her handbag and a rising sense of panic. Meanwhile Villanelle is already on the run and using all her many skills and instincts to survive. She’s wounded in more ways than one, and if she can escape the wrath of her Russian handlers, she is heading straight to London.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories – Michael Barrymore, ITV, STV and UTV at 9.35pm

Michael Barrymore  was once one of ITV’s best known personalities. ‘Discovered’ by Larry Grayson he first became a regular on telly screens thanks to LWT’s Madhouse series starring alongside other performers such as Les Dennis, Sherrie Hewson, Dustin Gee and Russ Abbot. He was given his own game show Strike it Lucky! by Thames Television then his own variety show, Barrymore. By the 1990s he had several other shows to his credit including My Kind Of Music and My Kind of People.

However in the early 2000s shocking events took Barrymore from the top of ITV to unemployable following a tabloid hounding. In this emotional interview, the former king of Saturday night television opens up to Piers Morgan about his astronomical fall from grace and discusses the tragic events which resulted in the death of Stuart Lubbock at his house in 2001.

He also talks about his close friendship with Princess Diana, the depths of his drug and alcohol addictions and the dramatic moment in which he came out as gay.

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