Telly Today: Monday June 17th brings gardens, game shows, drama in Scotland and a full half hour with Sean Batty for STV viewers.

One to Watch: The Family Brain Game, BBC Two at 8pm

The Family Brain Games is a new quiz format for BBC Two, and the ultimate test of collective, cross-generational intelligence, hosted by Dara Ó Briain.

With new scientific research showing that our ability to work with others to solve problems is a key feature of modern intelligence, eight of Britain’s smartest families pool their respective IQs and go head to head in the ultimate quiz that will push their minds – and family dynamics – to the limits.

Five rounds of brain teasing games, culminating in the final, all-or nothing round, Interrogation, have been created in association with Dr Adam Hampshire, a leading neuroscientist from Imperial College, London. Each game is designed to go beyond conventional tests of intelligence to truly challenge each family’s collective brainpower.

Joining Dara to analyse proceedings is neuroscientist Dr Hannah Critchlow, on-hand to offer insights as the families are put through their cerebral paces. The cameras continue to roll behind the scenes as the families prepare for the showdown ahead at Discovery Park, their home for the next fortnight, which has been at the cutting edge of science research for decades.

In the opening episode, we meet the high-achieving Ross family from London: writer and mum Katie, financial advisor dad Jonathan, and their two children, musical prodigy Amelia (14), who writes classical concerto in her spare time, and rock collector Alexander (12) who loves geology.

Their opponents are the Latin-loving Griffiths family from Woking, including prison-educator and mum Anne, dad David (who’s also in education) and Latin scholars Will (16), and Ollie (13).

Competitive youngsters Amelia and Ollie are hoping to lead their families to victory – but who will overcome brain freeze and inch closer to The Family Brain Games crown?

Dara is best known to TV audiences for his UKTV shows such as Go 8 Bit.

Love Your Garden, ITV and UTV at 8pm (not STV)

Alan Titchmarsh and the Love Your Garden Team head to Hythe to create a sensory garden for an inspirational little girl who has severely limited vision and, who will one day go completely blind. Four-year-old Isabelle Cooper has an extremely rare degenerative eye disease called LCA – lebors congenital amourosis.

With the support of her loving family, she moves confidently around her indoor environment, but the outdoors remains a greater challenge. The one place she could safely learn, first hand, about the textures, smells and sounds of nature is sadly off limits. Her family back garden is an uninspiring rectangle of lumpy lawn surrounded by uneven and slippery paving. So the Love Your Garden team transform the bland plot into a safe family haven full of challenging fun for Isabelle.

STV at 8pm bring viewers another edition of Sean’s Scotland. STV weather presenter Sean travels around the country exploring some of the most stunning places Scotland has to offer. In this episode, Sean visits Colonsay.

Dispatches, Channel 4 at 8pm

A major investigation reveals how thousands of unsafe medicines used to treat conditions like prostate cancer, schizophrenia and epilepsy were dispensed to NHS patients.

Dispatches exposes an extraordinary story of how, in 2014, millions of pounds worth of vital medicines were stolen from Italian hospitals by criminal gangs linked to the Mafia. Dispatches details how the criminal underworld set up a network of bogus drug wholesalers in Eastern Europe and used the secretive grey market of prescription medicine trading to sell their stolen drugs into the NHS supply chain.

Medical experts warn that once medicines have been stolen and moved out of the official supply chain they are unsafe as the drugs might have been tampered with, diluted or simply stored in conditions that make them ineffective. Despite attempts by the medical authorities in the UK to frustrate the investigation, reporter Antony Barnett discovers that the largest purchaser of these stolen medicines was a company that owns one of Britain’s best-known high street pharmacy chains.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel at 10pm (Repeated 8pm on BBC One Scotland tomorrow)

Sensing Kim is feeling overwhelmed, Angus persuades her to let him help with the party preparations. But events take a worrying turn when he witnesses Kim almost giving baby Mackenzie a double dose of medicine. Kim’s day goes from bad to worse when she discovers she booked the Tall Ship for the wrong day. With pressure mounting, she is forced to confide in Isobel about her dementia woes, while Bob and Angus save the day by hosting the 70s party at the Oyster Cafe.

Elsewhere, Suzie is in the money after the sale of her marital home. Feeling blue about her divorce, Suzie is boosted by Bernie’s plans to have a ladies’ lunch with Scarlett and Eve to toast new beginnings. However, when Suzie discovers she’s footing the bill, she feels used.
Later when Suzie is mugged on Montego Street, Dougie comes to her rescue – and sparks fly.

A desperate Alex draws a blank as he tries to find Annie and his son. As his search continues to fail, he tries to manipulate Nicole into helping him… maybe he should have a look down at the Holby City Hospital?

River City, and Alex is on the look for Annie.
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