Axe all ‘reality television’ says Peter Andre

Singer and reality TV star Peter Andre has spoken out about the instant-fame TV formats.

Last year Peter Andre made a special voice appearance in Thomas and Friends.

“I thought, what about all these other shows – Love Island, for example – where people have died? They were attacking Jeremy Kyle because his name is attached to the show. There has to be a duty of care across the networks. It’s not just one person or one show.” – Peter Andre speaking to The Guardian

Peter Andre has spoken out again ‘reality television’ in a newspaper interview with The Guardian.  The paper reports the personality, best known as a singer in the 1990s before becoming a reality star in the ‘oos, is calling for the demise of every type of reality production not just the Jeremy Kyle style programmes.

The Mysterious Girl performer was first lured into the murky world of the reality format back in 2004 in the often criticised for its cruelty to small critters, I’m A Celebrity. The jungle based show catapulted Andre into telly stardom thanks to his on-screen romance and later marriage to model ‘Jordan’ turned reality television regular Katie Price.

Reality darlings, Peter and Katie for a time filled up the ITV2 schedules.

Over their years together the duo gave ITV2 numerous reality series concerning their lives together and careers. When Katie and Peter went their celebrity separate ways she headed off to further reality ventures over on Living TV while Peter remained with ITV2 and his own solo series, ultimately putting out five baring his name.

The programmes format were based on one of the originating ‘fly on the celebrity wall’ series The Osbourne’s which starred singer Ozzie and his music mogul wife, and X Factor judge, Sharon and their children.

The celeb-lives type shows all follow the same production style of cameras following the stars around as they and their family go about their daily business including the private side and the professional. However despite his heavy involvement in them, and indeed lucrative payments for it, 46-year-old Andre is now wanting a TV clear-out of reality on the box.

Bully and belittling, just two of the criticisms thrown at the now axed Jeremy Kyle Show.

“It is the most horrific thing that somebody took their own life, we cannot forget that. What I do think is if they are taking that show off, they should be taking a lot of shows off… Any show where there is a reality side. I think they’re all great shows in their own way, but what about the people who have left The Voice or The X Factor who have been devastated because they’ve been told they’re rubbish, and it drives them to drink? You’ve got to go across the board if you’re going to do this. You can’t single out.” – Peter Andre speaking to The Guardian

With nearly twenty reality series to his name the dad-of-four has been reflecting on the aftermath of the axing of ITV Daytime’s The Jeremy Kyle Show after nearly 15-years on air. The series was pulled in early May when news broke a recent participant had committed suicide. Other stories from ex-staff and former guests on the Kyle show painted a far from flattering picture of the production.

Andre felt The Jeremy Kyle Show has been singled out while other formats, which have also seen deaths following appearances, carry on. Love Island continues on ITV2 despite Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis both dying after starring in the ‘shag show’ where good looks and devious behaviour is seen as the norm. Some television critics suggest this show and others like it survive simply because they are more lucrative primetime serials while Kyle could be the sacrificed daytime filler to take the flack.

Peter suggested the programmes could be cause to harm those who take part’s mental health, especially when participants are met with negative reactions on the programme and on social media afterwards. He also spoke of his own issues.

“I got to some very dark points where I remember praying to God, please get me through this day, just to get through one more day. That’s how bad it got.” – Peter Andre speaking to The Guardian

In recent times Peter has returned to his music background.
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