Best on the Box: TV highlights for Saturday June 22nd with a bus accident in Casualty, Alan Sugar faces Piers Morgan and Stirling becomes the focus of Historic Towns.

One to Watch: Britain’s Most Historic Towns, Channel 4 at 8pm

Something a little upmarket than the usual for a Saturday choice as Professor Alice Roberts explores the story of Stewart Britain by visiting Stirling.

For more than 200 years from 1371 it was the home of the Scottish royals, who became all-powerful, eventually taking the English throne in 1603 and creating Great Britain.

Alice joins a team of archaeologists and gets her hands dirty helping them uncover remnants of the docks that once housed Europe’s largest warship. From the sky, aerial archaeologist Ben Robinson demonstrates the strategic importance of Stirling for the royals, while Alice tours the walls that were built to keep out Henry VIII.

She explores the secret passageways of Stirling Castle and learns about the dramatic reign of Mary, Queen of Scots. Donning 16th-century scullery garb, Alice is shown how to make medieval ale in the original kitchens of the castle, and she takes to the playing fields with a 500-year-old football as she finds out how the Stewarts pioneered the beautiful game.

Casualty, BBC One at 8.25pm

As Duffy (Cathy Shipton) sits on a bus heading to work, a young girl runs into the road and collides with the bus.

Duffy slightly nervous stays in her seat, but another passenger spots her uniform – and despite being unsure of herself Duffy helps, and is brilliant.

Despite her poor prognosis, Omo (Ellen Thomas) wants to live life as usual and continues to insist she’s fine. But when she takes a turn, she refuses an ambulance and calls Jacob (Charles Venn) instead.

Jade (Gabriella Leon) is rushing to get her nursing bursary application submitted, but when she calls on Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) for help, he questions whether it’s the best idea for her to apply.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories – Lord Alan Sugar, ITV, STV and UTV, 9.35pm

Lord Sugar joins his ‘frenemy’ Piers Morgan for an amusing and revealing look back at his remarkable life and career.

The billionaire businessman and star of The Apprentice discusses his wealth, how he lost £90m last year and reacts to being called ‘a small timer’ by President Trump. He reflects on his teenage years, where he was labelled ‘a shy unsociable git’, the death threats he received during his tenure as chairman of Tottenham Hotspur and how, on leaving the club, he experienced a ‘mini nervous breakdown’ while fighting a libel case.

The episode also includes a rare contribution from Rupert Murdoch and Lord Sugar reveals the satellite dishes his company, AMSTRAD, made for Sky customers were initially modelled on dustbin lids.

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