The tenth DVD volume of the Australian police drama Cop Shop has just been released in the UK.

Cop Shop Volume 10 is now available.

In this box set a gang of vicious thieves force the owners of junkshops into fencing stolen goods. Potential police recruit Fiona Bradshaw (Elisabeth Crosby) ends up being assaulted by a pinball freak and his off-sider when she tries to rescue a girl they are molesting, and Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) believes that a bent copper is the mastermind behind a gang who have been robbing warehouses brimming with antiques. There’s more strife for the boys in blue when an old time bruiser blows back into town and begins settling old scores by re-arranging a few faces.

Tragedy strikes when Detective Amanda King (Lynda Stoner) learns that her fiancée has drowned in a boating accident, but she soon finds comfort in the arms of Mike Georgiou. The heartache continues for Valerie Johnson (Joanna Lockwood) who finds that she’s not pregnant despite showing all of the symptoms. Valerie soon has other things to worry about when she decides to help a confused old woman who lives in a filthy doss house and scavenges for food in rubbish bins.

Left: Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) and Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Cameron (Terence Donovan) hear another tall tale from a shady crim. Right: There is tragic news for Detective Amanda King (Lynda Stoner).

Real-life husband and wife team James Condon and Anne Haddy join the cast of Cop Shop as Doug and Louise Francis, the parents of Detective Danni Francis (Paula Duncan). Danni learns that her parents have separated when Doug arrives from the country having reinvented himself as the oldest swinger in town. Doug will end up being bashed and robbed after picking up a dolly-bird in a discotheque.

Elsewhere a desperate criminal will stop at nothing to get his cohort off a safecracking charge because this man saved him from being raped in prison. A mentally unstable young crim goes berserk with a stash of guns, a floosy posing as a hitchhiker appears to be involved with the hijacking of a truck full of grog, and local kids are risking their lives sniffing glue. Threats are made on the life of a university lecturer who has been having multiple affairs with his female students, and tragedy strikes for a promising young athlete who has been taking speed to enhance his performance.

Left: Valerie Johnson (Joanna Lockwood) learns that she’s not up the duff, Right: James Condon appeared in Neighbours and The Young Doctors but in Cop Shop he plays Doug Francis – the oldest swinger in Riverside.

Amanda King goes on the hunt for a peeping tom who has been plaguing the neighbourhood, and a man who has been falsely claiming workers compo for a crook back ends up being blackmailed. Claire Benjamin (Louise Philip) is thrilled to be appointed as the local organiser for the International Year of the Disabled but her joy is short lived when baby Prue is rushed into intensive care with pneumonia.

Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Cameron (Terence Donovan) is far from impressed when his sister Liz (Liz Burch) falls for the charms of ex-con Jerry Barnes (David Cameron). Bogus security guards rob a football stadium and then proceed to hijack a security van. The team at Riverside Police Station decide to clean up a local park where assorted perverts have been operating, but they end up discovering the badly bashed body of a woman with a shady lifestyle. Two boozed up louts rob and bash an elderly woman, and across town a young Vietnamese refugee is bashed-up by two hoons.

Back at the cop shop Senior Detective Jeff Johnson (Peter Adams) is promoted to sergeant and is transferred to another station, and a dangerous prison escapee holds up the Riverside Grange Motel.

Left: Anne Haddy starred as Helen Daniels in Neighbours. In Cop Shop she plays Louise Francis whose marriage is on the skids. Middle: Tom Richards from Matlock Police and Sons & Daughters, guest stars in Cop Shop Volume 10 as crim Ted Fraser. Right: There is worrying news for Claire Benjamin (Louise Philip).

Well known guest stars appearing in this box set include Brian Moll from The Young Doctors; Lesley Baker, Maggie Millar and Judith McGrath from Prisoner: Cell Block H; Belinda Giblin from Sons & Daughters; Debra Lawrance from Home & Away; Johnny Lockwood from Number 96; Darius Perkins, Ian Smith, Ernie Bourne, and Stefan Dennis from Neighbours; Shane Porteous from A Country Practice; Val Jellay from The Flying Doctors; Peter Harvey-Wright from The Sullivans; and Tom Richards from Matlock Police. Other familiar faces cropping up in the police investigations include Ronald Falk, Tom Burlinson, Kit Taylor, Malcolm Phillips, Chris Haywood and Penny Downie.

Fans who are based in the UK can order Cop Shop Volume 10 and plenty of other Australian TV classics exclusively from Eaton Films. Viewers who are located in Australasia should place their orders with Crawford DVD. Those of you who are based anywhere else in the world should email Eaton Films for shipping details.

Left: Liz Cameron (Liz Burch) begins a romantic entanglement with an ex-crim but can he stay on the straight and narrow? Right: Brian Moll starred in The Young Doctors and A Country Practice, in Cop Shop Volume 10 he plays the owner of an opportunity store which is trashed.

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