Sara Pascoe hosts Comedians Giving Lectures, a brand-new series for Dave.

Comedian, actor and writer Sara Pascoe will host a brand-new formatĀ  – Comedians Giving Lectures for entertainment channel DAVE.

The UKTV Original series, produced by 12 Yard Productions, will see some of the funniest people in British comedy deliver a hilarious stand up presentation in the guise of a lecture. In each episode, of the eight-part series, Sara gives three comedians the titles of genuine lectures, but none of the content.

However, not only have they got to impress the audience with their usual comedy chops, they will also be marked on their oratory skills by experts in the field of their lecture topic.

The subjects might be serious and grown up, but the content created by the comedians certainly won’t be.

Drawing inspiration from some of the most popular lectures of all time, such as ‘The Moral Side of Murder’ and ‘The Good News about PMS’, viewers can expect to see some impeccably crafted PowerPoint slides presented by, hopefully, well prepared comedians.

Comedians Giving Lectures will air later in the year.


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