Sir Lenny Henry to host Morecambe and Wise series for UKTV

Sir Lenny Henry is the latest name to host a series looking back at the popular double act.

Lenny Henry back in the days when Eric and Ernie were major draws on ITV.

“If you’ve been at a cross roads in your life or simply trying to work out which sofa cushions to get, Trust Morecambe & Wise is what we’ve been waiting for. Every decision you make could be made easier by allowing Eric & Ernie to guide you. Also, it really is a great thrill to claim that I have commissioned Morecambe & Wise at some point in my career and that’s certainly the way I’m going to spin it on my CV.” – Joe McVey

Sir Lenny Henry will present GOLD’s brand-new retrospective UKTV Original series Trust Morecambe and Wise. The four-part series, commissioned by Joe McVey, UKTV commissioning editor, and produced by Mercury Productions, will take a look at rarely seen footage featuring the immortal duo at the peak of their careers.

Eric and Ernie with the 1960s Highway Code, a promo for their ATV series Two of a Kind.

Each episode of the studio-based series will be filmed in front of a live audience and include contributions from comic guests and some of the duo’s much-loved co-stars. Trust Morecambe and Wise will air later this year.

Previous Mercury commissions for Gold include 2018’s ‘Saluting Dad’s Army‘ and ‘Dad’s Army: The Lost Episodes’, due for transmission also in 2019.

“It’s a thrill to bring Gold viewers the brilliance of Morecambe & Wise – and to have Lenny Henry fronting the series. Lenny’s not just a huge fan of Eric and Ernie, he knew them both and is the perfect host to lead this celebration of their genius.” – Tom Webber of Mercury Productions

Eric and Ernie at ATV Elstree, home to some of their popular 1960s ITV shows.
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