Lenny Henry to dig into the comedy archives for UKTV

Following the news Sir Lenny is to host a four-part series for Gold on Morecame and Wise, the channel today revealed he’ll also be racing through their comedy archives.

“It is glorious to be presenting such a brilliant culturally significant programme. Respect is due to all pioneers who paved the way to a more inclusive world of comedy.” – Sir Lenny Henry

The three-part UKTV Original documentary series Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy will broadcast on their leading comedy channel Gold. Sir Lenny Henry will take viewers on a personal journey with some of the people behind the sitcoms, sketches and stand-up comedy who have helped create and shape Britain’s culturally diverse comedic landscape.

Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy is a trilogy of programmes celebrating British TV comedy throughout the years, focusing on the iconic shows that have shone a light on Britain’s rich mix of multiculturalism. Unearthing gems from the past, Sir Lenny Henry paints a funny yet thought-provoking picture of British comedy history – from Rising Damp through to the likes of Desmond’s, Goodness Gracious Me, and Chewing Gum. Lenny will tackle the classic and the controversial while he meets the stars and celebrity fans of these iconic comedies.

Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy will air on Gold in the Autumn.

“Sir Lenny will take Gold viewers on a fascinating journey through the comedy archives, unearthing classics that influenced the evolution of British comedy and helped open up the genre to reflect modern society and culture.” – Gold channel director Gerald Casey

Rising Damp, from Yorkshire Television, was a huge sitcom hit for ITV in the 70s.

Last week UKTV also announced that Lenny is to front a four-part series on Eric and Ernie’s classic comedy.

The retrospective UKTV Original programme Trust Morecambe and Wise will take a look at rarely seen footage featuring the immortal duo at the peak of their careers.

Each episode of the studio-based series will be filmed in front of a live audience and include contributions from comic guests and some of the duo’s much-loved co-stars. Trust Morecambe and Wise will air later this year.

“It’s a thrill to bring Gold viewers the brilliance of Morecambe & Wise – and to have Lenny Henry fronting the series. Lenny’s not just a huge fan of Eric and Ernie, he knew them both and is the perfect host to lead this celebration of their genius.” – Tom Webber of Mercury Productions

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