Having been seen in documentaries for Sky One and ITV, the actor and presenter is back in front of the camera for a four-part series.

Ross Kemp pictured during a previous ITV documentary special.

“No one knows exactly how many rough sleepers there are, but both the government and charities agree that rough sleeping has at least doubled in the past few years.” – Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp presents Living With…. a brand new four-part series on ITV, STV and UTV, in which he travels across the country to meet people living with some of the biggest issues affecting Britain today, including immersing himself in situations to gain a first-hand taste of the difficulties they face and highlight what is really going on, often unnoticed, under the nose of mainstream society.

The series starts later this month with the first episode looking at homelessness.  In this opening edition, Ross sleeps out on the coldest night of the year with some of Cardiff’s rough sleepers, he meets people from families torn apart by homelessness and uncovers shocking truths about the government’s understanding of the size of the rough sleeper population.

“It’s interesting how many people pass and don’t catch your eye. They look at you quickly and then look away. And I guess that’s what I do, just look away. Straight past. Why would you want to stop, why would you want to engage? The only person that did acknowledge me was a drug dealer.”

Ross Kemp heads to Cardiff to sleep rough for a night.

Ross meets a number of rough sleepers in Cardiff and finds out what drove them to their current situation and what help is available to them. He also tries first hand to experience what they go through on a daily basis and spends a nights in a freezing tent and on the street to find out for himself.

Ross also spends a night in a homeless shelter in Cardiff.

“Spending the night at the shelter made me realise how this environment could be frightening and unsettling, and actually deter some of the very homeless people it was supposed to be sheltering. It’s really hard to sleep here. I think possibly that even though it was very cold I probably found it easier to sleep in a tent than I will do tonight.”

Ross also finds out the truth about the government’s rough sleeper numbers. In South Derbyshire, where the Minister for Homelessness Heather Wheeler is the local MP, Ross learns that official figures showed a count of “zero” in her constituency. However, Ross meets a man who has been living on the streets there for over 30 years.

Other episodes in the series see Ross Kemp Living with Young Carers, Ross Kemp Living with Knife Crime and Ross Kemp Living with Online Gambling Addiction.

The first edition, Ross Kemp Living with Homelessness airs Thursday 25th July at 7.30pm on ITV.

Ross Kemp made a recent appearance on Car SOS.
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