Best on the Box: Tonight Channel 4 take us back to 1969 and the night man first walked on the moon. Other July 20th highlights include Harry Hill and we finally get to see an episode of Casualty after its shunting out of the schedules for sport.

One to Watch: Moon Landing Live, Channel 4 at 8pm

Moon Landing Live gives Channel 4 viewers the chance to re-live and experience one of mankind’s most dangerous and greatest adventures.

The programme will tune back into communications between Mission Control and the Apollo 11 spacecraft live on the morning of the 20th July 1969: the day when mankind first attempts to land on the moon. Channel 4 follow the final stages of the mission, filled with nail-biting suspense, as the aircraft separates and Michael Collins remains in lunar orbit with no idea if he will have to travel back to Earth alone, while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin negotiate the final descent to the lunar surface.

Extraordinary footage collected from the astronauts’ two cameras shows the US flag erected and the astronauts’ call back to Earth with President Nixon. After all the celebration subsides, the tension mounts again as they begin the journey to get the men home safely. Worldwide news reports cover the dramatic lunar lift-off, journey home and re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

And once the astronauts’ capsule safely splashes down into the Pacific, we can reflect on this human achievement: a common endeavour that brought the world together.

You won’t be seeing any of the studio coverage from BBC News for BBC One or the joint Thames Television and ITN broadcast for ITV as both programmes were wiped. CBS, however, had the foresight to keep their coverage and it can be seen on their CBS News You Tube page.

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule, ITV, STV and UTV at 6.45pm

We were sad to read that Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule wasn’t pulling in the ratings for ITV, as we think its a hoot. One of the better attempts at comedy from the channel in recent times. So showing our support let’s take a look at tonight’s guests.

Helping Harry Hill fill the fun capsule and prevent an alien invasion this week are The Last Leg comedian Josh Widdicombe, Coronation Street legend Amanda Barrie, EastEnders star Samantha Womack and former BBC News journalist Michael Buerk.

Casualty, BBC One at 8.25pm

This episode was, thanks to sport, dropped last week so here we go again with Casualty on BBC One. Having slept in her office because she’s too scared to leave the ED, Connie (Amanda Mealing) tries to prove herself to Ciaran (Rick Warden) whilst the team deal with the fallout from a prison riot.

Needing an extra pair of hands, Connie asks a reluctant Duffy (Cathy Shipton) to help out, but with Connie clearly struggling with her concentration, this soon leads to disaster.

After a tough day, Iain (Michael Stevenson) reconsiders seeking help at the paramedics support group, with encouragement from Ruby (Maddy Hill).

After two weeks of misery for Casualty fans, its finally going to air tonight.
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