History go inside America’s UFO investigations

History® exposes the incredible secrets of the American government’s secret UFO programme in a new series starting later this month.

The programme aims to shine new light on the unidentified flying phenomena in the USA and around the world.

Following a stunning 2017 frontpage New York Times expose, which revealed the existence of a hidden Pentagon UFO investigation unit, the History Channel uncovers shocking revelations from sources close to the pentagon, the FBI and the US government – led by former BLINK-182 frontman Tom DeLonge.

Headed up from 2007-2012 by Luis Elizondo a $22 million project – officially dubbed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) – was tasked with investigating the threat of UFOs over American skies and around the globe.

In this brand-new series, Elizondo reveals details of the US government’s awareness, and cover-up of, extra-terrestrial lifeforms on earth.

AATIP allegedly captured a trove of evidence that was compiled into a top-secret, 600-page ‘blue book’ – named after Project Blue Book, the US government UFO study that ran from 1947-1969. Project Blue Book is now a major stateside drama from History featuring Aidan Gillen.

Elizondo, who no longer works in government, keeps one copy at an undisclosed location 300 miles from Washington DC. He is now part of a team of UFO investigators led by rock star Tom DeLonge, which includes renowned CIA researcher and quantum physicist, HAL PUTHOFF, and former Assistant Secretary of Defence for Intelligence, Chris Mellon.

In a six-part series for the History Channel, DeLonge, Elizondo, Mellon, Puthoff and others reveal for the first time the AATIP’s copy of the United States Blue Book on UFO sightings and analyse its explosive contents.

Inside America’s UFO Investigation with Tom DeLonge begins on History at 9pm on August 26th. 

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