Channel 4 is to air Train Your Baby Like a Dog this month.

The hour-long programme will look at the concept of training your little one like a pooch in order to combat behavioural issues. A leading advocate of this new approach is renowned dog trainer and animal behaviourist Jo-Rosie Haffenden.

Instead of telling kids what not to do, she believes in motivating and helping them to understand what ‘to do’. She’s tried it with her own child and now Jo-Rosie wants exhausted parents to turn their backs on discipline, and the naughty-step and instead embrace positive dog training for children.

“If everyone parented their child the same way we are training our dogs, we would end up with much more caring and compassionate human beings”. – Jo-Rosie Haffenden

The programme will see the novel approach tried out on 3-year-old Greydon whose daily tantrums and violent outbursts are making his parents, Jo and Garrett’s lives a living hell. Jo-Rosie will also test her canine training techniques with 18-month-old Dulcie whose refusal to sleep in her own cot and nightly screaming fits are pushing her shattered mum Rose to breaking point.

“If everyone trained their children like dogs, I believe they would be happier, more confident and, yes, a lot better behaved. Train Your Baby Like a Dog is a must watch for any struggling parent.” – Karen Plumb, Executive Producer

The programme is produced by Plimsoll Productions and will air on Channel 4 next Tuesday (20th August).


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