Singer and TV personality will be back on the show with more cooking this September.

He’ll be joined by his children Junior and Princess, and his brother Michael, for Peter’s Family Food Adventure – a series of four VTs, showcasing his love of cooking and Croatian cuisine.

Peter flew to the island of Brac in Croatia and even taught his children some of his skills in the kitchen.

“We are using all local produce and we are showing all kinds of food from the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, fish dishes, lamb dishes, there are some amazing stuff. One of the things I love is that it’s so healthy and it’s still part of the Mediterranean diet, even though it’s the Adriatic… it almost reminds me of my parents cooking when we were a kid. It’s really in my blood.


“I’m trying to get my kids into it. The kids who were here holidaying are actually getting involved in the cooking, we do a dessert that is so beautiful and the kids get stuck into that – which is great.” – Peter  Andre

The singer previously hosted – along with his wife Emily – Peter & Emily’s Cyprus Kitchen for the daytime show earlier this year. Peter noted of filming his second cooking segment for Lorraine and of Emily’s absence from this one:

It’s a hard job I’m not going to lie but someone has to do it…. The water is crystal clear, it’s just stunning. We are having the time of our lives. Emily, because she works for the NHS, she can’t say I’m just going to leave for a few days. So we are both working, I’m just in a slightly nicer place at the moment. I miss her. We are both providing for the family, right? I really wish she was here. It’s somewhere I really want to bring her, she will love it.”

Amongst other things Peter will be making a ‘no bake’ berry cake; a sausage and flatbread dish and ‘peka’ – a traditional Croatian casserole dish.

Viewers will also see the family having fun by the pool; trying their luck at sea-fishing; and visiting a farm to learn about local produce. 

Peter’s Family Food Adventure this September on Lorraine, ITV, weekdays 8.30am – 9.25am.

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